Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Making Jesse Tree Decorations

A couple of years ago we decided to made a 3D effect Jesse Tree for our readings that we had done for some years. Previous to this we had a wall hanging I had made with pockets down the bottom made from hessian. I had simple painted on with fabric paint a bear looking brown tree and we would pin up the felt decorations for each days readings.
I have just tried to find an image in my photos of this but can;t so when we get them out I will update with a photo.
So trying something new I bought a little Christmas tree to add the little figures to and Eden spent a couple of days making figures to match the bible readings we use (the ones below
aren't ours but our copy is so old I can't find an online copy)

I actually don't think it matters which version you use. Eden just looked at the symbol and created her own image of it.

I think she did a wonderful job and I love her version of the images.

The World is Created – Globe – Genesis 1:24-28
Adam and Eve – Snake and Apples – Genesis 3:1-24
Noah and the Flood – Rainbow – Genesis 6:11-22; 86-12; 9:11-17
Abraham – Camel – Genesis 12:1-7:13:2-18; 18:1
Sarah – Baby – Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7
Isaac – Ram – Genesis 22:1-14
Jacob – Ladder – Genesis 27:41-28:22
Joseph – Multicolored Coat – Genesis 37:1-36
Moses – Burning Bush – Exodus 3:1-10
Miriam – Tambourine – Exodus 15:19-21
Samuel – Lamp – 1 Samuel 3:1-21
Jesse – Branch – Isaiah 11:1
David – Harp – 1 Samuel 16:14-23
Solomon – Crown – 1 Kings 3:3-28
Isaiah – Throne – Isaiah 6:1-8
Jeremiah – Tablets of Law – Jeremiah 31:31-34
Angels – Angel – Hebrews 1:1-14
Malachi – Trumpet – Malachi 3:1-4
Zechariah and Elizabeth – Baby - Luke 1:39-45
MaryAngel – Luke 1:29-35
John the Baptist – River – Matthew 3:1-6
Joseph of Nazareth – Hammer/Saw – Matthew 1:18-25
BethlehemStar – Matthew 2:1-12
Birth of Christ – Crib – Luke 2:1-7

Blessings to you and your homes,


Ginny said...

This is wonderful Gae! I am hoping to make Jesse tree ornaments this year too (I better get started!)

Gardenia said...

Gae, I love your ornaments. we are doing a Jesse tree at our home this year for the first time. and using a little tree like yours. we got our ornaments from Illuminated Ink. maybe we'll make our own next year. Happy Blessed Advent!

Anonymous said...
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