Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our First Sunday in Advent- Lost Post

Sorry for anyone having already read this, I just discovered somehow I had deleated it from my blog.
I was a little, quite irritated by it but managed to recover it from google reader.

Today (well Sunday was as I am only finishing this post now) was the First Sunday in Advent for 2010. It is also the beginning of the Church's year.
It is a time that our children eagerly anticipate every year, but this year the anticipation of the start of Advent has been amazing. The children have been counting down the days till the start of Advent so they can start the countdown to the special day we all look forward to....the Birth of Jesus, celebrated on Christmas Day.
The children get so excited as we spend the day putting up all of our countdown calenders and most of our decorations. It is a time that can easily turn into chaos as we get out all of our decorations and prepare for the coming season.
There are so many wonderful traditions that we anticipate and the family time is something I eagerly anticipate and enjoy each year.
As it is the Church's New year we have made a New years Log like we do for the Secular New Year.
Anything for a good cake don't you think?

Some years ago I made a banner that we place up each year and it really is hard to read. I used pink and purple fabric paint but I need to do something to make it more noticeable.
This banner says~" We watch, wait and prepare for the coming of our Saviour, Our Lord Jesus Christ" and really that is what the season of Advent is all about.
A few years ago I was impressed by a beautiful post about this Advent Log. One of my favourite bloggers shared how her father made this for her family. At the time it was 'adopted' by many other lovely ladies to add to their family traditions during Advent. I too was so impressed wit the beauty of it and asked Braedon to make us one. He used  a piece of Wattle tree from our bush and drilled holes in it for the candles.
We have really enjoyed having this each year.
Lighting the Advent Log
 We prepare not only for the celebration of the significance of Jesus being born, but also for his eventual coming again.
We try to spend time on these reflections each year by the traditions we have in our home that have evolved as our family has grown.
In this fuzzy photo Stephen is lighting the first Candle of the Advent wreath we made. This is probably the third version of this we have had. I always wanted a hanging one but was unable to have one until we moved into this home about 5 years ago. Prior to that we had one we placed on the table as our table centerpiece for the Advent season.
The first Candle is lit and we have said a prayer. We continue to pray each evening as we light the candle to have with our evening meal.
Our Liturgical Bookcase display with many of the traditions we and countdowns we have for Advent.

This is our Stocking countdown. We have a little piece of paper that is drawn out each day with an activity to do or special treat sometimes based on the day, eg. St Nicolas and sometimes just part of our Advent fun
This is our star path that Mary and Joseph travel  to Bethlehem on each day. As they are moved forward the star is picked up and placed on the mantle piece creating a sky full of stars (the heavenly choir on Christmas Day)
Our Advent Mantle with the Angels Hope, Peace and Joy.
Our Three Wise Men are in place ready to begin their very long journey to meet the King of Heaven and earth.
My very favourite and precious Nativity Scene
Our bookcase with Christmas books by Tasha Tudor and Tomie de Paola and the three Snowmen who visit there.
This is our tiny little village that is lit up by battery operated light. I have always loved these villages and ours is very tiny but so special for us. Turning the lights on at night and reading in the family room are very special indeed.
I made this Advent countdown for our family, when Braedon was a little baby. It is looking a little used and worn now and we have to make a new item for one of the pockets. But this is one of the items that our children really associate with as the start of Advent for real.
This also is the very first Christmas decoration we bought for our home so many years ago. Once ago it is small (remembering generally small things cost less  and in the early years of marriage is often a  consideration)
 Eden made this beautiful embroidered banner last year.
 When Eden was a baby I managed to make quite a few decorations and this cross stitch was on of them
 Our front door with the traditional wreath.
 Our manger of good deeds where we put a straw for every good deed and prayer to present to Jesus as a gift on Christmas Day.
 Another decoration to add to our collection of handmade decorations
 Daddy working hard while we decorate
This was my other best Christmas decoration I made when Eden was a baby. How much more time I had then for making things!
 This is the old Jesse Tree I made out of hessian as I said in this earlier post. Just quick pockets sewn up and a bare tree painted on.
 The countdown elements were made from felt.
At the end of the day our kitchen looked like this and frankly I left it till Monday to clean up as we were all very very tired after this long day, with the  very special help of our most devoted children.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
Wonderful to see your preparations for Advent! I love the hanging wreath. :-)
Blessings to you,
Anne x

monu said...

its really nice to see your preparations for advent :)

God Bless Your Family


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