Thursday, December 9, 2010

St Nicholas Day 2010

We had a wonderful time celebrating the Feast of St Nicholas earlier in the week.
One of the things the children were especially looking forward to was seeing the St Nicholas figure I had managed to snaffle up from the local $2 shop arrive amongst our decorations and I had special instructions to place him for a photo of him filling the stockings.
We traditionally hang the stockings on the Eve of St Nicholas on our Mantelpiece. There was much excitement from the children and Arwen was way past her bedtime.
As part of the stocking fillers I make Speculas the night before using the recipe from  A Continual Feast. We have made these for many years and simply trace a simple St Nicholas figure using a cardboard cut out. I wrap 2-3 up and place in everyone's stocking.
This was the photo the children were especially keen to see in the morning.
For our stockings I try to have a $10 limit for each person, but in reality I probably go up to $15 for each one. Here is everyone's pile of loot sorted out ready to go into the bags.
I have made every one's bags from red flannel fabric and painted on the names and a few star decorations.
Essentials in each bag each year are an orange, Specular cookies and a bag gold chocolate coins and a peppermint candy can (I forgot to put it in the photo)
We also have a tradition of buying these little cheap Santa Chocolates and converting them to St Nicholas's by cutting out red paper into a Mitre shape and use gold pipe cleaners for a Bishop's crook.
Both of these are stuck on with sticky tape.
Each person gets one beside their breakfast place.
The center piece using our new Candelabra picked up form the Antique store in town a few weeks ago, an old Advent wreath placed a the bottom of it with candles and peppermint sticks on it.
We tend to do most of our feasting and decorating for the morning. We usually set the table with the items tat mark this a feast day and it is a delight to come down to in the morning, it really sets the tome for the day.
A view from up high with everything all ready.
Table decorations include home made toilet roll St Nicholas made by the children about 5 years ago. We recycle them every year and some are looking like they need a little work now.
Oranges are on the table too and gold coins scattered about with left over peppermint sticks.
This is one of the St Nicholas favours we made and Autumn made some Black Peter's to go with him out of Yarn for me as a present last year.
On St Nicholas morning the younger children were up extremely early and were so excited they nagged asked very sweetly if we could get up so they could open the stockings.
WE have a tradition on St Nicholas Day and Christmas that NO-ONE can open their stocking or Christmas sack until EVERYONE is there together.
Then it is everyone open up and see what you have. The children love comparing and helping the little ones open up and share the fun and excitement
Arwen is thrilled with the peppermint candy cane and ate hers and raided other peoples all day long.
Eden with her St Nic goodies
Saxon loves all the food items
Autumn helped choose hers
Rogan was extremely happy with his gifts
Moran loved the fairy items
Myffwyn was very organised with hers
Corbyn talking his stocking with him for safe keeping
Later in the day Corbyn and Arwen were playing outside.
Corbyn was shooting Arwen with his cap gun and Arwen was going 'bang' with her shovel back at him.
Together seeking other villains to slay.
Another of our traditions is to have St Nicholas Hot Chocolate.
This is our version of homemade hot chocolate made thus~
In a jug place :
Approx 6 heaped dessertspoons of instant full cream milk powder (we don't like skim)
Approx 8 heaped dessertspoons of Cadbury Drinking chocolate
Add boiling water to 3/4 full of the jug and stir
add milk to fill the jug up
Then to make it St Nicholas Hot Chocolate we add marshmallows and a peppermint stick.
If you look to the left you can see Arwen reaching for the peppermint sticks .......again!

Then it goes into individual mugs for a tasty and special drink to end the feasting of St Nicholas.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Suzanne said...

You certainly have quite the celebration Gae! Wow, what fun!

Kendra said...

You guys have So much fun!

Cinnamon said...

You always have such great decorations and beauty surrounds it all~


Trish said...

Wonderful, wonderful fun and blessings Gae! Love in christ..Trish

Gardenia said...

Dear Gae, what a beautful celebrtion you had on St. Nicholas's Feast Day. I love the family table -- and that you all share the feeast in that way -- and your centerpiece with candy canes. I hope to make St. Nicholas cookies next year. So many wonderful feasts in December keep us all so busy. Blessings.


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