Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year Celebrations 2012

New Year celebrations nearly always include a bonfire for us these days. We have had these for so long that it is an implied tradition for the children.
Imagine our disappointment when Stephen said we needed a fire permit this year. What? Since when do we need one of those we asked? Um, the fact  that we have hot dry weather at the moment. So we finally go the fire guy to come by and approve our fire 'for burn off purposes'
We spent some time after dinner getting ready, while waiting for it to be dark enough. Our little children were so very excited and kept wanting to know when we could light the fire. It was after 9:30pm before we got to it and we had tried some of Anna-Lisa's 'Apple Flappers' - Apple Fritters.
We spent a lovely evening outside just relaxing around the fire.
Taking photos of fire.......I love fire photos
Enjoying each others company
Playing with glowsticks
Asking for food
Being together
Playing with glow stick masks
I love this one of Moran. It is so cool how it turned out, very Darth Vader looking.
This is the same photo with the flash.
Daddy was vigilant in keeping the fire contained.
Myffwyn spent ages trying to get her glow sticks to look good.
Not nearly as cool with the flash on....
Just hanging out together
Acting the fool
Sisterly bonds
Beautiful girl
Is it time for the sparklers and party poppers yet. this was a constant question for Corbyn, as well as is their any food?
Great friends
Oldest and youngest (very tired baby)
Making shadow puppets
Waiting , talking about the old year and the special memories we had. I took Trahaearn and Arwen to sleep but just made it outside to welcome in the New Year with everyone else.
Our Yule Chocolate Log we make to welcome the New Year based on old tradition of having a Yule Log.

Once again family orientated memories to keep our family close while we Enjoy the Journey Together.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

In Colombia - South America, we do the same thing! My grandmother enjoyed it and it became a tradition for many years.

Happy New Year my friend :)


Denise said...

I love your tradition.If our family lived in the country I would adopt it.Your photos were fun-thanks Denise

Judy Dudich said...

What a wonderful celebration! Thank you for allowing us this glimpse of your beautiful family's NEW YEAR!
You are truly blessed:)


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