Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Hide the Thumble"

We have a family game that has been around for so very long, in fact 10 years at least.
"Hide the Thumble" is what our children have called the game, Hide the Thimble. The name is from one of our younger children, if fact Moran when she was a little girl and couldn't say thimble yet.

The reason we started playing this was it was a very easy game I found in an old online book, when I checked the printed out pages I see I printed. I was not sure I would be able to find it again BUT here is the online link for this FREE book. If like me you love old on line free books here is the link to the other pages.

We have played this for hours at at time and the younger children never get tired of it and as an adult I can be the hider and still be involved as I feed the baby or do some crafts in the same area. It is one of the games that is requested time and again, I also suggest it if we have children who just seem to be out of sorts too.
HIDE THE THIMBLE. All the players but one, leave the room. This one hides a thimble in a place not too conspicuous, but yet in plain sight. Then the others come in, and hunt for the thimble; the first one seeing it, sits down and remains perfectly quiet until all the others have found it. The first one who saw it, takes his turn to hide it.

It has been lovely to see each of the children develop skill in finding the 'thumbl'e and now our little Arwen is one of the first to find it each time. She takes such delight in it though that she forgets to leave the 'thumble' where she sees it and often picks it up with a beautiful excited laugh.

I really do recommend this little game and suggest you look through the book for some of our other favourites....like "Look out for the Bear" too

 Blessings to you and your homes


Anonymous said...


Sounds like such fun!

Anonymous said...

We played "Hide the Thimble" too as children. And, we played "Drop the Hanky" and "Hide the Paper" in our hands, and put our hands behind our back, and change which hand the rolled up piece of paper was in, or keep it in the same hand. The guesser had to guess which hand the paper was in now. I love all those family games. We even played "Fox and Geese" in the winter snow, in the US. Your article brought back so many good memories.


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