Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Play Spaces in our Home.... Part 1

Over the weekend one of the things we accomplished was to re organise the play room for our children. We had done this previously and named it the 'Butterfly Room' in fact we have organised this room a few times trying to get on top of the fact that even though I continually take things from this room we still seem to have a lot of mess to clean up.
 The main reason for the mess has always been the dress ups and play cloths. The children  really are not good at packing these up as we don't have a cupboard for them to go into.

So after some thought, well I did have the idea a long time ago, so really the implementation of the thought of putting up a rack with some hangers for the dress ups to hang from and then the play cloths can go into a big basket.
 We did need to empty this bookcase and shift it over to the other side of the room so the rack could fit just snugly on a small side wall near the window.  Along this wall are the play kitchen and the doll houses we have, not including The Tree House Play House that needs assembling each time.
 Further along we have the prams and dolls and the bouncy balls for our sensory children. Our piano sits in the alcove and Arwen loves to play on it when ever she can.

There really isn't ever enough prams and doll things for little girls is there?
On the opposite side we have the box with a castle to put together, ALL the duplo from the children over the years and our open shelf which has many education items on it. Lego, wooden blocks and toys, train tracks both plastic and wooden. Little  people and their stable,  wooden cut out and painted animals in a bag and a  backdrop we made years ago for Rogan. We also have the puppet show, potato heads, pine cones, big pegs for the play stands, walking stilts, play ribbons on sticks wooden boat race game, doctor kit and a few other items here as well.

Once completed the children quickly went to work playing in the room again. It really is quite spacious and I am thinking about moving the play stands back inside again off the verandah which is another area that is a serious play space for our children.

More on our other play spaces to come soon in this series!

Blessings to you and your homes,


maria said...

What a beautiful, creative space Gae :)

Anonymous said...

Gae, what a wonderful place to play! It is very inviting!

Melissa @ Homegrown Catholics said...

Love your play space. I incorporated mine with our school room, so the space is shrinking. I like your dress up wall idea.

Gae said...

Dear Melissa,
Thank you I also like the idea of having it in the school room and we do have some still in our Library room which is a school room.
Yes I love the hanging for the dress ups and it seems to be working so far
God Bless

Gae said...

Thank you Gina,
I walk past each time and am really happy with it
God Bless

Gae said...

Thank you dear friend. I love a clean and tidy space.
God Bless


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