Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter in our Home 2012

I know many of you have moved on by now and yes I know I am  slow recording our family life this Easter, but hey, that's just how it is. So this is the last of my Easter posts for this year ......I promise.

The pictures above are ones I drew for our sons who were not able to have Easter with us. Drawing is really a new creative pursuit for me and I rarely get to do any, but I do enjoy it when I have a chance. Obviously I am still learning though.
I do enjoy decorating our home for these special days and am very blessed to have the older children who are happy to be a part of this process. They work with me and we do all the decorating together, that way building memories both in the time spent together and the decorative process. In fact if not for the children's help these days I don't think I would have the energy to get it all done.
As it was I did not get to bed until 4:45am on Easter morning after the last thing was done......namely filling the Easter bags with the chocolate.
We did consider not having virtually any chocolate this year to avoid the after effects of all that sugar from the chocolate. However when you do the dollar comparison of what we could give chocolate wise to what we could afford to give  them say a book and a small gift like wise it just does not work out for us. And frankly I think our children love the fact they get a chocolate haul for Easter as it is the only time of year they get a modest amount all of their own, ie no sharing.
We try to use our seasons table to display  items  that represent the season or celebration we are, well, celebrating and so we  put all these on to remind us of what Easter is really about.
One of my favourite decorating parts is the fact the crown of thorns becomes a crown of beauty.
This year we used sour hearts to replace the good deeds beads
Our egg tree this year had  a nice lot of 'new life' not only with the eggs and all they represent  but the leaves from a wattle tree.
Of course  someone just HAD to make a silk nest for the bunny and his eggs along with all those Alleluia's
Our peg people with the tomb. Of necessity for the children is the hanging of Judas......
Each year the children look forward to this part of the setting up of the tomb!
We were using our Betty Lukins Felt scenes this year and we just need to remember to use it more during the year. The only problem is that is very large to leave up full time.
This year I was very frugal in the buying of chocolates for the children and frankly after a couple of months Grain 'n' Sugar FREE the small amount we had, in comparison to some years was even too much in regards to the children's response to it.

The Easter table set for breakfast with each persons personal Easter basket and Felt Pocket Egg

Trahearn's first Easter  and looking into his Easter Bag
The Easter Basket with all the items from it
Our traditional Easter family photo. Of course Kynan and Braedon are both missing/
This is our first incomplete family photo of cause new babies don't count...........

These were our Caterpillars we put into our Easter baskets on Holy Saturday by each of us before we make the Resurrection cookies

And there you have it, our Easter (well some of it anyway) in a nutshell, to be sure a large nutshell indeed, but finished for another year at least.

I pray your own celebration of this special time was one of great joy and peace!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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