Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Moran ♥

Dearest Moran,
At last it is your birthday and one you have been so patient waiting for.
This last year has truly been one of great change for you.
I have watched as you have developed and slowly become a far more reliant and helpful girl.
You have finally become a big girl now and this has been a big step for you.
I have seen how much you love to care for you littlest baby brother, with such compassion and devotion.
You have a heart for helping others and can always be relied on for playing with the younger children.

How I have watched your heart mature and grow. Learning and loving to learn all you can.
You are always open to new ideas and enjoy trying new things. How my heart loves to see you smile as you master another milestone that seemed so far for you. You are a determined girl and one who will keep going until you have completed what you set your heart upon. This is a wonderful gift you have.

Sweet and caring daughter I hope you enjoy your "Maypole Birthday" and I look forward to dancing and picnicking around the maypole with you.
Have a most blessed day, our precious and most special gift.
How we treasure you and all the 'specialness' you have brought into our lives

All our love ,
xxx ooo    


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little one! :)


Erin said...

Happy Birthday Moran:) Love the H familyxxx


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