Friday, June 1, 2012

Gifts of the heart.........

A gift of the heart is truly one of life's most blessed gifts!!

Recently, well last month now, our children (those at home) prepared a most special gift of time, thought and love for our 25th wedding anniversary.
They spent the days before this planning on what to do as a special thing for us. We were not allowed to know anything and they planned the menu for us as well as the whole day preparing the decorations and gifts for us.
They made this beautiful banner, as well as cards, place cards, and a special treat for later.
The day even started off with buckwheat pancakes, cream and peaches and jam in bed for breakfast.
Of course this means home made cards that we received from them, the older ones helping the little ones with this .
Place cards for each of us
The meal consisted of a beautiful roast chicken with a non grain stuffing mashed potatoes and vegetables. I must say I loved the stuffing as it mostly contained dried prunes, apricots, onion and wine.
As the 25th wedding anniversary is a silver one. The children decorated the table with anything they could find that had a silver colour. Hence we had pots and pans utensils and other non traditional decorating items on our dinner table.
This being one of the little place cards
We tried to get as many photos of our family, sadly minus our older two boys, for the occasion, so bear with me on this. For some reason Saxon is not as good a photographer as he is with so many other skills, so many of the photos are blurry. However they do record a precious memory for us and that is priceless.
The children insisted that they needed to dress up for the occasion hence you will see hats with cloaks and jackets, all just part of the fun.
Saxon- dude
Corbyn - all Corbyn's photos are moving shots, very hard to get one not fuzzy
Rogan, love the moustache
Saxon, again for real
Of course the children had to make a cake  for us and so they made the special occasion cake we have had mostly and then decorated it with whipped cream and pink flowers in the shape of a heart
Preparing to cut the cake
Yep cutting together.
The wonderful gift afterwards was this special event~
A home movie voucher (we got one each) to a movie we had not seen in years with built in baby sitting service, ie the older children would put the little ones to bed saying prayers etc and be 'on call' so we could watch this uninterrupted
When we walked into the 'movie theatre' aka our lounge room, this is what greeted us
The lunge moved close to the TV along with dressing gowns and slippers and...........
a table full of movie watching food. Great stuff like chocolate, chips and fizzy drink. Just like the real movies. Then toward the end of this Autumn brought us in a beautiful latte each.
And reason for all this started with this man, who could have known.

Thank you to our beautiful and precious children for a night to remember, amongst all the other precious memories we hold of you. Love you so much xxoo

Blessings to you and your homes,


allisamazing said...

What a special way to celebrate your 25th!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blessing from your kids. How wonderful.

Gardenia said...

what a beautiful day!! and such loving children you have to set everything so lovely for you and your beloved. happy Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Gae...congratulations! What a delightful surprise your children gave you and your husband.

May Our Lord continue to bless you with many more years together :)


Erin said...

Happy anniversary:){{}}

Therese said...

Happy anniversary Gae. What a beautiful night you children put together for you both.

Trish said...

Dear Gae, many belated blessings to you and Stephen!
May the Lord give you double the years you have already had together!
It's wonderful to see others so joyfully celebrating His covenant of godly marriage in this present day and age.
As always, you are an inspiration and blessing!
love..Trish xx


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