Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Myffwyn ♥

Dearest Myffwyn,
Eight years old today!
Eight years old today!

How wonderful that we can share this birthday with you, a very 'girly' birthday today.
I am sure you are overwhelmed with your 'bling' and 'girly' gifts today.

I must admit I enjoy having another 'girly' girl to play with   buy gifts for. I especially loved getting your tea cup and saucer and look forward to having a big girl tea party with you.

It is a joy to see you are growing and loving to learn all that you can this year.
You are such a creative and inspiring little girl who loves to share with others the joy of play.
I know your little brothers and sister love having you teach and be with them.

I think you will have a most happy day enjoying the day off from jobs and dressing up and playing with your gifts.

May this year be a year of great growth and joy for you as you continue to share your smile and laugh with those who love you most.

All our love always


Erin said...

8??!!! 8!!! Happy Birthday Myffy from all the Hs.{}

Autumn said...

Happy birthday Myffy!!!


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