Monday, June 25, 2012

It's the Little Things...........

So often it is the little things in life we and remember. So often it is these things that seem such a trivial fact of life and yet brings great joy to others.
So often it is these little things that others remember and associate with contentment and peace of heart in their lives.

And yet it is often these things that are lost or forgotten about in the busyness of life.
Each and every day is an opportunity for us to give those we love that something special, that little thing that will brighten their day or encourage them in the life journey we are on together.
So often this requires 'real' involvement with that person, getting to know them on a deeper level so that we can see what it is that this person enjoys or loves.
Only then can we really be effective in 'going the extra mile' and creating those memories that can be looked back on and remembered.
Those little things can be as simple as a smile when someone walks into a room or making that cup of coffee with that 'little bit of sugar'  both literally and figuratively. Showing simple affection with courtesy and care in your tone of voice and your manner is such a little thing and yet speaks volumes of how you regard a person.
One of the most telling ways of showing little things to me is in the way of gentleness and compassion.
To me these go hand in hand and yet are often neglected in our everyday life.
Gentleness in thought. Gentleness in my touch. Gentleness in deed. Gentleness in our speech. Gentleness of heart.
In fact Gentleness of Heart is the starting point for me.
It is the starting place where all other forms of gentleness proceed from. The heart is really the window to my soul and when my heart is gentle it allows all other responses to imitate it.
Each morning I pray that I would have 'gentleness in all I think, speak and do. That I will  have a gentle heart that show unconditional love and compassion always and that those around me may be blessed by my life in theirs.'
It is so easy to forget this though through the day!
So easy to get caught up in my own anxieties and difficulties and the busy stuff that simple comes form living life with other people!
It is so, so very easy to think it is all about me, when really it is only when I show my love in 'the little things' that truly I can achieve GREAT THINGS!

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Blessings to you and your homes,

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evensong's januarylily said...

Love this Gae!!! Gentleness of heart is the one needful thing in all our dealings with others and I have not been that way always to others or myself. Thanks for the reminder! Blessings to you!


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