Saturday, June 16, 2012

Winter Seasons Table

We have finally started to have some Winter weather over the last few weeks and after Myffwyn's birthday which is on the first day of Winter for us, we changed our various Seasons displays to reflect this.

Our main season's table has some interesting snowmen and a wood elf perched up on the  grapevine wreath wrapped in winter coloured ribbons with some red winter berries on it.  Don't you just love that beautiful painted yellow moon up there with her?

As time goes by we will add some snowflakes and winter lights as well as a few other winter treats.
In the brick fire place we have Mother Earth with her little babies in a basket along with King Winter.
To keep them company we have Jack Frost along with Jill Frost and their adorable little frostlings. These have been dry needle felted  and are very soft and lovely.
On another book case we have the pipe cleaner tree I made bare of any colour - neither leaves or blossoms and it looks very bare indeed without any colour.

Behind that we have a home made carved wooden tree that is polished with bees wax along with some Winter elements on a half  circle display ring. These were made for me by our son a few years ago and painted by one of our girls for me. I especially love the pine tree that for me really speaks of Winter.

I am looking forward to creating more Winter memories with our younger children as we celebrate this most favoured season.

I am linking to Natural Suburbia for Creative Friday this week

Blessings to you and your homes,

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