Saturday, July 28, 2012

Eden's Birthday in Collage ♥

It seems to be quite a while since I was able to keep up with our birthday posts and once again poor Eden had her birthday last week has had to wait.

It really was a beautiful day and honestly Eden is such a patient and unassuming young lady. She is often not wanting to make too much trouble and is keen to help with many things.

Eden's birthday was quite simple and so very 'Eden like' !
As she wanted a Kindle for her present it really did not leave me much to organise for her. However I can never just do one present and so I found some little extras to add to her birthday bag that I knew would make  her happy.

The main addition to Eden's birthday was in my wanting to add a new tradition to the birthday table. Thus the Arrival of our Birthday Fairy was in evidence for the very first time.

Eden spent most  most of her day playing with her Kindle quite contentedly and I admit  I was happy to have her join the ranks of Kindle users in our home!

Food for the day~
Breakfast: Buckwheat pancakes with peaces, jam and cream
Lunch: Tuna Salad
Dinner: Shepard's Pie, corn on the cob, snow peas, pumpkin,
Cake: Hmmmm, this was my first disaster in so very, very long. I was trying to make her a giant cupcake from the cake pan we have BUT the cake stuck to the sides and would not come out.
Seriously I find the gluten free cakes hard to mound!

Anyway we used the cake and make three giant mounds that look something like cupcakes.
How thankful I am that she was happy with this compromise. A blessing like our Eden is one I am thankful for everyday.

Well,  that was our very peaceful and charming day with one of the most beautiful girls I know. A beauty that comes form the inside and spills out into all she does.

Next birthday to come up is that of my dear  husband!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Vellvin said...

I'm still not part of the kindle club ;)
I'll probably not have any room on my list even if I DID want a kindle! :D

Love you,

Erin said...

Another Kindle fan in your home!:)

Erin said...

Another Kindle fan in your home!:)


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