Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Latest Craft Project..........

Over the last few weeks in any spare time I could find, which isn't really very much,I have been working on this new "Birthday Presentation" for our family celebrations.
I had hoped to have it ready for Autumn's birthday but sadly that did not happen.

It actually started with me wanting to make a new item for our birthday table and grew from there.
The item I started was a Birthday Fairy and I was just going to add her to our birthday seasons table; but as I thought about it I really wanted to expand the idea some more.
So the next thing I thought was I wanted to make a 'birthday banner' similar to the idea we have on display for our birthdays. So I based our mini  version on the one had  I made that we put up each birthday, here is one post with a picture of it.
The next thing I made was some birthday balloons, however I have not attached them to the birthday fairy's hand yet!
Finally (well almost) I made some sculpy items for our fairy to use and a beautiful hand needle felted wool blanket for her to rest on.

Myffwyn insisted on helping me with this and I had some ideas on how I wanted it but she took over on the cake especially, so it could be considered her creation. I think she has a gift in this area like her sister Eden. Did you see the photo at the start of Eden's birthday post? She made these just for fun too.I really enjoyed making these with her and look forward to more creating with Myffy soon.

However Vellvin said our fairy was lonely and needs a friend like the fairy in the Shirley Barber books, and so next up will be a teddy friend for her to have a picnic with.

Perhaps this is going to be a project that grow and grow!
Does anyone else have those sort of projects too?

I am considering this as one of the projects to put in the Etsy shop we keep thinking of starting. What do you think?

I am hoping to write a tutorial on how I made these soon too

BTW, does anyone else keep having trouble with some of the text coming up with a white background, for no apparent reason lately in your blog posts?

Blessings to you and your homes,

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FrontierDreams said...

Now I can see why you were up so late with your project! Look at all the details. This is such a sweet gift. You should sell some on Etsy for sure.
I think I have too many projects thst grow and grow... how do we know when to stop?! :)

All our love and God bless!!! <3 <3


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