Monday, August 27, 2012

New Books.....again

You can never have too many books right?

Of course right!
Well with my Amazon gift card from the older boys, yes I did use it once but actually made a mistake in processing- long story and had not actually used it.
So I bought these books with the money, and guess what I love them all!

 So here is a quick review on them so far.
Twenty Six Letters to Heaven I bought this one for Corbyn to use for his start to lessons instead of my Alphabet Path which I think might be a little too, um, girly for him.
I like the simple and yet crafty, reading structure of this programme.
A Christmas Dress for Ellen This is a most beautiful Christmas book, in fact one of my all time favourite books for telling the message behind the birth of the Christ Child.....pure unselfish love.
Penny's Christmas Jar Miracle This is a sweet story too but in my opinion the above book is a better choice if you had to choose.
Pheobe's Sweater I loved the idea of this and Pheobe's Birthday after reading about them from Nicole's blog. I really love them and two of my younger girls have asked for items from the book. So I need to start some knitting and sewing for them
Fancy Nancy: Pajama Day These four Early readers I got because both Moran and Myffwyn love Fancy Nancy. Well we all do really but I wanted to have these as an incentive for the girls to progress to more advanced books.
Fancy Nancy: The Show Must go On
Fancy Nancy: Sees Stars
Fancy NancY: At the Museum
Gyo Fujikawa's Little Library These I bought after falling in love with the illustrations. Yes I so love a great illustrated book, especially one with children in them.
These will be perfect for little Trahaearn to be read to and for him to look and hold.

So there you have it what we are snuggling up with to read with at the moment.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Erin said...

ohh books!
the 26 letters look interesting! let me know what C thinks.


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