Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hobbit Day or Bilbo's Birthday Plans

As this year is the 75th year of the release of the Hobbit book and the fact that the movie is released in December there seems to be a great many opportunities available to celebrate this day.

In the past years we have concentrated on the fact that 22nd of September was the birthday of both Bilbo and Frodo. This year I think it will be a more Hobbit themed idea, well mostly.
This was our first impromptu Hobbit theme birthday
The year we made a quest (treasure hunt with items to collect)

Last year we went on a trip interstate and tried to keep journals of our adventure

In preparation for our day on Friday we came up with these ideas~
First off you need invitations to the party, we are making ours in old style with a little bit of elvish writing or old dwarven runes on part of them. Or here is a runic translator for you
Of course you need to have a Hobbit name and this name generator will set you up
Decorations are a must and consist of streamers, balloons, a birthday sign, a party tree (if you can), bunting around your celebration area.
Glow Stick Lanterns these are going to be such fun to have and to make. Simply find a jar, some glow sticks and then cut the glow sticks into the jar (add glitter if you like) put the lid on and shake.
Do not make too far in advance though as they don't last that long
Glow Jars
For fireworks we have sparklers and party poppers (sadly no fireworks permit for us)

Music for dancing or listening, my preference is good Celtic music or some old English folk melodies

Watching this old movie and the new trailer also the party scene from The Lord of the Rings
Games are lots of fun. our list includes charades, blind man's bluff, musical chairs, quoits, riddles, poem memorization, murder in the dark (cause of the cave scene), scavenger hunt here is a trivia question game
Food is very important and we have made up this list of essential foods for us to consume over the day~
First Breakfast -Of course there will be mushrooms, with sourdough fried bread, eggs, bacon and tomatoes
Second Breakfast - strawberries with cream,
Elevenses -scones with jam and cream
Luncheon -potatoes , onions and apples
Afternoon Tea - Apple pie and custard
Dinner -meat pies, cold cuts, pickles and eggs
Supper -cheese, crackers, tea and coffee
Drinks -Ginger beer, honey and lemon drinks

Here are some fantastic recipes if you have the time or inclination to try them
An invitation below with other great ideas
Hobbit second breakfast ideas- word search, bunting and food ideas
Here  is an amazing menu for meals for Hobbit day as well as this one and another menu
Other information-
Reference Guide
Readers guide
Educators guide
Party Ideas
Miniature  Bag End

May you have a great celebration of Hobbit Day or Bilbo and Frodo's Birthday this year.
Why not check back later for how we celebrated this year, we would love to see you!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Emily Fay said...

We are very excited to see the movie this December! Can't wait! Have a blessed day!

Unknown said...

Love this idea...and I have a hobbit who turns 14 in November. What an awesome birthday party theme!!

Sararose said...

Thats very funny - my friend had a Frodo Hobbit party. It even had a party tree.
Love Sararose xox


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