Friday, September 14, 2012

Spring Fairies

As we settle into new life here in Wagga and setting up the new house we finally exchanged our Winter theme for a Spring one.  Son't you just love the Spring Fairies? They are so much fun to make!

Believe me when I say Spring is really here this far north and I am enjoying it and the children are sooooo very keen to get into the pool as soon as possible. They look out the kitchen window each morning and just bask in the Summer possibilities.

Next week we are hoping to get started back into lessons, even though we are still not completely organised. In fact my desk and other lesson essentials are still in Melbourne waiting to be shipped here.

I am really looking forward to starting some Spring themed activities from the Spring book I had in my giveaway recently.

The younger children are really searching for some structure and the big kids are saying they need to do  some more constructive work which to them means lessons.
They are starting some new English based work that we bought before the move and are anxious to get started on them.

With the start of new themes and chores next week I hope to get some more time for relaxation and crafts and perhaps some more blogging too!!

Linking to Nicole today

Blessings to you and your homes,


Suzanne said...

Love the fairies Gae!

Emily Fay said...

It sounds like you are enjoying the newness of Spring. Hope you have a fab. weekend!

Annette said...

So glad you're settling in! I haven't heard from the giveaway winner yet, by the way. Also, would you be willing to add this to the Waldorf Wednesday link up? These are so pretty, and I love the colors you chose!

Mackenzie said...

Those fairies are so cute! I'm visiting from the KCCO link up, although I believe my (Catholic, homeschooling veteran) mom has been reading your blog for a while! Please stop by to see our crafting :)


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