Thursday, December 20, 2012

Impromptue Cookie Decorating

A few weeks ago we were invited to Stephen's  work Christmas  party and the children  were given some lovely gifts to bring home with from under the tree.

It was interesting to  see our children as soon as they came home that the first thing the younger ones was to start to decorate the  the prepared Gingerbread man and woman with the icing and sprinkles provided.
It seems  that the children could not wait to indulge in a this ' wheat full -sugar full' treat and the younger ones asked for some help as we were getting ready for some other activities we had planned for the weekend.

Of course the eating was the part that the little ones were most interesting as much fun they had decorating these little people.
Everything all laid out for the making
Trahaearn thought he would be a little helper and put the icing on his own. He couldn't wait to be part of this like the 'big kids'
Although the little ones were very interested that night Myffwyn waited till a little later to do her set of gingerbread couples
She was most precise about laying all her things in a precise order and then working on her gingerbread couple in a dedicated and ordered way.
Moran was watching  and waiting but not too keen to start hers yet.

Myffwyn gave her couple who were as you  can see a bride and groom to Braedon and Ann-Lisa for an engagement  present for them the next day when we traveled to their special engagement party.
The next morning Moran too was anxious to dress her own little couple in wedding finery.

Trying to keep little brother away from  her special work
And another little sweet couple was  created in gingerbread, icing and sprinkles soon to be given away too
I just need to say how much I love these very impromptu crafts and activities when they happen and really how simple it is and how much our children enjoy them.

If only I was able to let this happen more and more in our family circle and not worry about the disruption to our more everyday  life!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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