Monday, January 7, 2013

Homeschool Carnival January 2013

My dear friend Erin has been organising a Homeschool Highschool Carnival with various friends throughout the year. Sadly I have not been able to contribute as such except for my original post which Erin posted for me while we moved interstate.

This time however it is my turn to host this Carnival and direct you to the lovely opportunities to learn and share with some very talented families.

Our theme for this month is *Finding our Stride*..... Homeschoolers with highschoolers, particularly long term homeschoolers tend to find a groove.  How has your family's educational philosophy evolved over the years?  Where do you find yourself  in the Highschool Years.

Over time with our Learning at home we have  seen a change in how we share this lifestyle of learning with our young children and the teenagers youth (the period between childhood and adult age) or adolescents of our family. For  my contribution to this theme I am sharing it here

Erin shares how home education is a journey, one of personal growth and changing family rhythm. Looking at maintaining their stride long term

Willa shares how books, conversation and daily life are at the center of her family's educational philosophy in the high school years. So have a look at Willa's "Groove" as she call it
This post is about how having regular checkpoints throughout the year help us keep our stride... or at least to get back up and get going when we fall down!

And from Susan's Blog  Susan is a veteran homeschool mum of four graduates. I sought permission from her to include her wisdom here and she graciously agreed.

I think this works in well with this theme, at least from my point of view :) 

Please do read the insight and wisdom that these lovely ladies share with us all, to help and encourage each one of us on our journey or learning through the Highschool Years.

Blessings to you and your homes,


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Thanks Gae for hosting.


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