Thursday, February 14, 2013

Making Present for God Beads (Sacrifice Beads)

As we started our Lenten Season today one of the things we wanted to do was to make 'Present for God Beads' or 'Sacrifice Beads'.
What are'Present for God Beads' or 'Sacrifice Beads?'
"They are a string of ten beads, which can be pulled and remain in place. They are used to count the acts of love or sacrifices a person makes in a day for God. The string of beads helps a person to grow in virtue by challenging them to be faithful in making acts of love each day. Sacrifice Beads also have a fixed Our Father bead on the end of them and can double up as a rosary."
I don't know how many times we have read about St Therese in the Catholic Children's Treasure Box  books and her using these present for God Beads, but invariable it gets to Lent and we begin to look at having a set again.
"St Therese, the Little Flower, as a child, used a small string of beads in her pocket to help her count the gifts she did to offer to God. In this way she was able to advance in perfection daily."
As the story is a real help with the little ones they especially wanted to have these beads as soon as possible.
So what do you need and do you do this.
As I said we have made these before and even gifted them as a First Holy Communion gift as well.
Pony beads (11)  in colours of your choice
medal (this time we used St Therese)
Crucifix or even a cross if you can't get one
Crochet cotton (this is what we have found best and you can get it verigated colours too)
Oh, by the way I have a very quick, easier version for little children below that will take you less than two minutes to complete, so have a look at that too.
We have used various instructions in the past but this time I found these ones to be the easiest one to understand and use. Which I will explain below.
I started off making Arwen and Myffwyn  theirs together as I was in a hurry to go to Mass with some of the children. This was our second Mass trip  for the day with only the little car at home still.
Corbyn was desperate to have his make too before we went to Ash Wednesday Mass.
OK, you say they look really cute, nice and could be useful. But how do you make them?
1. Take a very long piece of crochet cotton and cut to a length of about 80cm. I like a longer length that you can cut back rather than a shorter version that needs redoing.
Fold in half and thread the medal on, making sure it is in the middle and the two lengths are equal.
2. I like to get my pattern laid out if using different colours first, so you know how you want it to look. Ten of the beads are together and the eleventh bead is the Our Father bead at the other end.

3. Take your first bead and pull the cord through the bead.

4. Take the other end of the cord and pull it through the same bead but from the other direction so the cord makes and X shape inside the bead.

5. Pull both pieces of cord together in opposite directions so the bead is tight against the medal.
6. Then pull the cords so that they are the same length when you place them beside each other.
7. Pick up your next bead and form the X pattern again through the bead. Pull tightly until the beads are tight against each other
8. Repeat until you have 10 beads in total on the string
9. Leave about 3 bed lengths and tie a double knot.............
 or a corded rosary knot
10. finished knot
11. Take your last bead and string both pieces of cord through the bead and tie an knot on the other side. Quite tightly and not allowing the bead to pass over it.
12. Take the crucifix or cross (or another medal if you like) and string both pieces of cord through the same side and tie a knot

13. Try to make it a double knot so it will not come undone
14. Trim the ends of and then ............
15. FINISHED PRODUCT all ready for use.

Here is are all the ones we made today!!!!!!!!!!!
Now for that quick and simple version.
Take a pipe cleaner and place the beads along it's length, including your 'Our Father Bead'
Turn it into a circle and run the end through the last of your 10 coloured beads.
then twist the pipe cleaner ends together and put the 'Our Father' bead over the twisted end piece.

Now you have something your littlest one can make for themselves and quite easy to repair or replace.

Next up our Salt Dough Crown of thorns we made today as well.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Valerie said...

Hi Gae! Loved reading your sacrifice beads tutorial. I made these with the kids back in October for Therese's feast day! Great idea to do again for Lent! You shrove Tuesday pancakes looked delicious!

Vicky said...

These are beautiful, Gae. We have made them before, too, using rosary beads that are too broken to fix. I love the pretty colours of yours.

God bless:-)

Conservamom said...

This is such a wonderful idea!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Kim said...

I never even thought about using a pipe cleaner to make sacrifice beads! Brilliant! Once I get some beads, I will have to make some with my kids.


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