Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's all about Holy Week Activities Here.........

Well it has arrived finally-----Holy Week that is and yet it seems to have come far too quickly.
There was so much I wanted to do and be and yet time moves on with out me accomplishing all I want or feel I need to do.

Holy week for us is a very special week. It is full of excitement and plans and especially for us this year the return of two of our children from Uni along with a long awaited visit by grandparents and our son's girlfriend too.
Page 1 of a seemingly endless list
There is so much to do and prepare and I seem to running a constant  'to do' list with all the things we want hope to achieve

We love the Palm Sunday Mass and this year we have been blessed by the way Mass was celebrated this year.

We have been doing many things over the last week as I truly wanted to avoid the pre-last night preparation that usually happens with preparing Easter Baskets and making items for the table so the children and I plan to have all our making things done by Wednesday which is the day the first of our arrivals graces our home.

So what have we been doing?
Well here is a pictorial brief run down on most of what we have done:
 First off we have blown out about 6 dozen eggs for painting and making 'crack me' eggs.
Painting was very much a must do for just about everyone and as usual there are never enough eggs for everyone to paint
Making chocolates with the molds is always fun too. Trying to keep little fingers from sampling while doing them is much harder.
 Again taking turns at filling the 'crack me' eggs means a lesson in patience  Let me just say that Trahaearn is not very patient with it.
And it seems that Saxon needs to taste test the chocolate before it goes into the eggs as well.
We have a tradition of making Easter cards for everyone. So that means everyone has to make 18 cards this year. Not too big a deal really!!
 Working together on cards. Myffy wanted to keep Vellvin company as she wasn't felling too well
 So I made Vellvin a cup of chamomile, raw honey and freshly grated ginger tea for her upset tummy.
 In the business of things there still has to be time for dressing up and making houses to play in too.
 This is the first of 18 bunnies to made by me for Easter morning. I am using this pattern for it and thankfully it is quick to make, now I have learnt some new stitches and made my own pattern for the tail
 I trialed a new recipe for Hot Cross Buns this week as we are not eating our old ones. This one is a sourdough recipe and the taste testers hardly waited for the buns to be cold before sampling. I also had to keep a guard over them until they were ready to be eaten. I think that gives you an idea of how good they are.
We finally finished the last of the moving in and this out door area is just perfect to sit and read or craft and watch the children play.
 Eden took over the making of the bunny pops for me and had done a great job of mixing the colours. This is the first time we have made these and I think they will be a favourite for the future.

As we have some extra guests for Easter Day I needed to make some more Easter Baskets for the table that we put gifts into. So Myffwyn was my helper today as we made seven new ones to add to the ones we have for everyone ( some of the old ones needed re making)
 Then we made the shhhhhh don't say it yet The "ALL____A" Eggs that go into our baskets.

I have even made the butterflies that go into the baskets on Easter morning that replace the caterpillars from the night before. They represent the new life we have in Jesus.

I'm not sure if that is all we have done in preparation for Easter.

I do know we still have quite a few things left to do including making skirts for us girls, using some of the fabrics from below, and cookies for everyone to eat.
Planning for Holy Thursday and our Seder Meal and Good Friday as well as the other preparations I need to do prior to that, including shopping for Easter Eggs and special meal food, oh and I had better buy some regular everyday eating food too I guess.

Needless to say we will be attending the Holy Week Masses and this takes up quite a bit of our week too.

So as we come into the last stages of Lent and our Holy Week preparations I pray you are all are as excited as we are about this coming festivities of Easter.

May you have a blessed Holy Week!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You have been busy!! You guys are going to have an amazing Easter!


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