Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Day in Our Home 2013

Easter Day!!
Wow what can I say it is always a big event in our home.
A long awaited event that has much preparation and seemingly a long time to arrive suddenly it is here.
Our 'Alleluia' that has been in hiding (post did not happen due to the fact we moved and had loss of Internet) since Ash Wednesday has been put on display in a prominent place.
The children quickly had a look at the table and then we were getting dressed in our Church clothes
Of course the tomb had to be checked first and Corbyn was so impressed that Jesus had disappeared  and I told him that he was alive not disappeared

I love the white garments left at the front of the tomb

Our Resurrection cookies were not remembered until after Mass but still turned out pretty good.
One year I would love to have a molded lamb cake pan but until we do Autumn is our official cutter out of a lamb shape from a cake and I decorated his body.
I admit that we are huge chocolate fans for Easter and we do so love to have this as part of our traditions. This is a good example of what each of us had in our bags.
The altar was set
Bags all filled in the weee hours of Easter morning.......
WE reuse the bags each year and heave had the older three children since they were little.
Below are random photos from the 'eating of the chocolate'

Obviously the children enjoy this part of the day too

Later in the day as we were waiting for the meal to be cooked the children's Grandfather played the Accordion for the children and they loved

And we had a grand event with Papa riding on Braedon's motor bike.
Mind you Trahaearn was  a little upset as this is his favourite thing to do.

Finally we had our meal about 4pm ( it is a bit difficult to cook a baked dinner for 17 people with probably the smallest oven I have ever had in all our years of marriage) not that I am complaining it just is a fact of life.

It was good though and really we just relaxed fro the remainder of the day. Enjoying the gift of family and the hope of New Life that is through our Lord Jesus Christ and the reason we celebrate Easter after all.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Valerie said...

Happy Easter, Gae! Thank you for sharing your family Easter pics with us! What a beautiful celebration you had.



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