Thursday, April 4, 2013

Holy Thursday/Good Friday and Holy Saturday 2013

I can't believe it is a week since we actually started celebrating the Triduum  and that we are now in the Easter Season.
We have had so much happening in these days with the daily attendance at Mass and special services and
the coming home of our oldest daughter from college as well as a visit from our son with his girlfriend and Stephen's parents coming for a visit  too.
So on Holy Thursday we had Kynan arrive just before we needed to go to Mass and so we had our traditional Seder Meal after Mass.
Thankfully we had everything organised before we left so it was quick to start when we to home. It actually went quite well even though it was quite late when we came home and the meal was instructional for the children.

We also set up the Cenacle  with Jesus and the Apostles.
Last year was a little different for us and how we were able to celebrate.
We were trying to keep everything pretty tidy for the whole weekend so we had little tiding up spurts during the few days and Vellvin is our chief organiser of this.
Good Friday came soon enough and our children had been anxiously awaiting  the Hot Cross Buns on this Day. As it is a fast day these special buns were a highlight in the eating department.
I made a new batch of Sourdough ones  (recipe to follow) based on the success I had earlier in the week and how popular they were with the children.
Kynan had been anxiously awaiting to tell us about his trip to the US over Christmas and today he was able to share the gifts he and G had brought back as well as the photos they had taken while visiting.

The children were  given these cool T-shirts
Good Friday also included  the laying of Jesus in our tomb and putting the stone in
The soldiers were placed outside the tomb and the disciples and followers of Jesus are around the tomb.

We also started to decorate the Egg Tree ready for Easter morning
Holy Saturday involves for us the making of Resurrection Cookies and  making of Caterpillars to put in our Easter Baskets that I then exchange for a Butterfly on Easter morning.
Always there is a line up to see who can lick the betters as we make the cookies

And Daddy helps Trahaearn with his share
Making the  Caterpillars from pipecleaners.

Everyone loves making the caterpillars.......
Caterpillar in the basket I have made
and placed on the table ready for the morning
The crown of thorns has been emptied of all the thorns through various sacrifices and prayers in preparation for Easter Sunday.
Our Resurrection Cookies all ready to put in the tomb  oven until morning.

One of the last things before the children go to bed is the putting out of the Church clothes ready fo the morning.
This year I was  able to with the help of Eden and Vellvin to make new skirts  for us girls and then to get some lovely new  skivvy's and tights to match.

And now all we need to do is to wait for the morning and all it will bring.................

Blessings to you and your homes,


Deanna said...

Such a beautiful family! Happy Easter, and your Easter family pictures are so sweet!
God's Blessings :)

Erin said...

I didn't realise you ate after Holy Thursday Mass (about 9.30pm then?) it's an idea. Great to see the pics:)

Kendra said...

So love your tomb & the clothes peg people! Love how you guys decorate for every season too. :)


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