Monday, April 8, 2013

Making Easter Baskets or Spring Baskets

I have nearly come to the end of our Easter posts, but before I finished I wanted to share this quick little Easter Basket with you.
It could easily be made for a Spring basket or even a simple basket for a party of any sort. You just need to add the accessories to suit.

We use these as part of our table decorations and for putting the special handmade gifts for Easter in.
This year as we had a few guests I made each of those people one as well as our younger children who had a smaller version of this due to the lack of right sized plates.

We reuse these every year so some of the older ones were looking a little crumpled by being squashed in moving and not being stored carefully enough.
However  I was able to fix them up with a little gentle care.

So for a quick tutorial on making them~
1.Large patterned paper plate of your choice. We have even used plain and decorated the plate
2. Roll of ribbon - we use the roll you buy from the cheap shop or spotlight.
3. Scissors, hole-punch, pencil or pen  and  spare time
Using the picture above with numbers~
1.Draw a square in the center of your plate and cut the corners out of your plate. This actually creates a cross shape.
   Fold so on the square pattern in the center with the pretty side of your plate facing outwards
2. Using the hole punch place three holes down each side of your  cross shape
3. Cut your ribbon into 4 equal lengths and lace up the side like you would a shoe.
4. I usually go diagonally as I think it takes shape more easily.
5. When you have completed all 4 sides finishing each off with a lovely bow. Cut down the middle of another paper plate dividing it in two. Cut a 2 cm strip from the side of the plate and use this for the handle across the top of the basket. If making more than one just cut from both sides of the plate.
Staple the sides of the strip to the side of the basket.
6. You know have a finished basket ready to fill with many blessings.

BTW this is really simple and our Myffwyn who is 8 was perfectly able to do it by herself. However we certainly enjoyed spending this time creating together. In fact it was probably the best part of the whole process!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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