Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Unexected and Extended Hospital Visit .........

It was a week ago that we started down a new adventure thanks to our sweet and extremely active seven year old Corbyn who fell of his push bike and (we think) had the cross bar of the bike land on his leg resulting in a  broken femur.
This is the only way to stop our boy who only knows two speeds: fully go and stop.
And guess what it is all stop for him for a while now.
Naturally this would not be a straight fracture but a spiral fracture that the doctors were not sure which way they would be able to fix it. There were three possible ways to fix the bone but they were not sure which one would be the best until they had him in surgery.
It was a very long day on Saturday and he did not get into the surgery until after 7pm at night.
I know any Mama who has had to have a child go into surgery would understand how small and vulnerable he looked as I had to leave him on his own without me.
However the surgery went well and it seemed the surgeons thought Titanium Elastic Nails was the best option for him ( here is a link to the method but honestly I have not read through it as I am certainly NOT nurse material and this just makes me squeamish to say the least). Given the other two methods were more invasive of his little body I pray this works for him.
This is our boy the morning after the surgery and the start of our possible two weeks in hospital.
He still had his IV attached and he really did not like it or the fact that his leg was bandaged at  the knee.
Corbyn really had no idea of what had happened from the time we brought him to hospital until the next day. Due to the fact that from the moment he was wheeled into emergency they had some pain relief and gas for him.
Thankfully that was how we were able to treat him initially as he was in great pain from the time we found him sitting on the found with his leg bent until the surgery was over.
Also thankfully we were able to slide his bottom across on to a board and take him to hospital without having his leg change position and thus injuring him more or increasing his pain.
Due to the surgery he has had he will not have a cast on his leg at all. So it does not look like it is badly injured.
This may be a problem when he is on crutches  and at home as little people may not remember by the visual cues of a 'hurt leg' look.
Stephen and his parents have been bringing the children a few at at time to visit and Stephen's Mum has stayed with Corbyn while I have been home to the other children to visit.
Eeyore was a very welcome friend that came for this new adventure, even though he as a new name- Simone.
First visitors...........
Not impressed with the bandage and IV
It has been quite a challenge to keep him entertained and happy and we have played quite a few games and played with play doh and cards and colouring and painting and and and.......

Finally the Bandage is off.
On both sides of the knee and the outer upper thigh are the entry points for surgery.
These pins by the way have to come out in 6 months time
Not really sire about the bandage off
We are getting him out of the bed each day and sitting in a chair
Moran and Rogan playing with Corbyn for their visit

Oh yes the  hospital I-pad has been a big hit with him as I don't allow hardly any computer games at home.

The other day was May Madness in the hospital and staff were asked to dress up and have crazy hair.
After Matt one of his favorite  nurses had finished with his costume he game it to Corbyn who was delighted to have it.
Gemma another favorite was keen to have a photo with him too.

Seriously it actually has been lovely to have a little one on one time with Corbyn as we do things together like painting this farm today. I know he has enjoyed just having me with him but I am missing all our other ones at home as well as my dear honey. And I know our little ones still need me there.
But the older kids have been CHAMPIONS at home helping in so many ways.

Corbyn taking photos from his bed
This is the view from our room where we have been for 8 days. Not that I am counting or anything.....

Tomorrow we may try crutches as we move into the next phase of his healing.
He will be non weight bearing for  6 weeks and so the fun begins I am sure!!!!!

If this post has bad spelling, grammar and other mistakes like not making sense, I blame the fact that I am a tired mama  but hope you forgive me anyway!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


nancy-Lou said...

What a journey this has been for Corbyn, his brave and patient Mama and the rest of the family as everyone makes adjustments to their regular routine. The photo journal and comments really take us all through your harrowing times. It is so good to hear that healing is on it`s way and so good too, to see Corbyn smiling and enjoying activities. Hopefully you will be re united with the rest of your family soon. Thanks for the interesting story ...what a great job of writing and photos Gae. Sending blessings to all, Nancy

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. Keeping a little boy off his feet for six weeks won't be easy, but sounds like he's already on his way to a good outcome with his surgery. It's amazing what modern medicine can do these days.


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