Friday, May 3, 2013

Miniture May Poles for Play

This year we made quite a few little items for our May Day experience to make it and exciting and memorable day for our family.
Some were made with the children and some for the children. This could have been done with the children but I made them alone this year.

It has been some years since I have made individual  May Poles for the children to play with and so this year I wanted to give the younger children especially a chance to have this again.
Our younger children particularly  love to run around with the different wands we have made in the past -either Fairy wands or princess wands of any spring theme with butterflies and such.
So what so you need to made these mini may poles?
1. Well I bought a pack of coloured wooden rods from spotlight for a couple of dollars but you can use a piece of dowel cut in to lengths.
2. 6 rolls of ribbon again from spotlight for $2 a roll which will give you 6 meters to play with.
3. Some small flowers I bought three small bunches to do this project.
4. Rubber bands and  a glue gun.
How to¬
1.First cut your ribbon to the length of  your mini pole then lay them out in the order you want to have them over lapping each other.
2. Wind them around your pole and secure them with a rubber band
3. Place your individual flowers in to the rubber band and then wrap the wire  around the pole as well.
4. We used four flowers for each mini may pole
5. Now you need a smaller piece of ribbon to wrap around the top covering your rubber band and giving a more finished look. Cut the ribbon so you have overlap to go around the pole.
6. Glue the start of the ribbon on to your pole over the rubber band and start to wrap around
7. When you have covered all the rubber band  put another dot of hot glue on the ribbon and then stick the last of your ribbon down.
8. Now you have a lovely little mini may pole to play with.

Happy Maying to you!!!!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Cheryl said...

These are beautiful! What a great craft idea!


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