Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our very own Chickens!!

A couple of weeks ago we were given two chickens too keep.
This has been so lovely as we have wanted chickens since we moved to this house as it already had a chicken coop.
Well, actually we have wanted chickens for a long time and in fact I have wanted some since we were first married.
The children loved having them and kept going to 'check on the chickens' at any opportunity they had. In fact it is a great distraction for fussing little ones too.
We actually were not sure that they would lay eggs and so imagine our surprise and pleasure when we checked over the first couple of days and then discovered  our first egg.
On the same day we  got our older chickens we were driving home from town and saw a truck with chickens for sale in it.
Rogan had some birthday money and bought three for himself and we bought two more as family chickens.
These ones are only 9 weeks old and so are not ready to lay yet.
Stephen and Rogan had made a nesting box for the chickens quite a few weeks ago in anticipation of the chickens and so then made some roosts for them to climb up on and perch on using materials that were lying around.

Completed chicken nesting boxes.
As we have a very large chicken coop for them it was lovely to see them walking around doing all sorts of scratching and pecking and of course giving the chickens the left overs and scraps is quite rewarding.
This was our first egg and the kids just had to put it in different situations and take photos.
I love this one!
We had this cute little egg carton left over from Easter and the children loved putting the egg inside until we had more than four eggs that is.
Aren't they just so sweet. Rogan had actually started cleaning this coop area up almost form the time we moved in here in anticipation of this day.
So the the two older chickens both seem to lay one egg each per day. So over the first week we collected the eggs and saved them for a special morning breakfast of bacon and eggs.

I was amazed when I started to cook them  how they did not spread all over the fry pan like the ones we have bought always  did.
The first four of our very own home range eggs!
See the difference here. I just happened to add a store bought free range egg, on the left, to one of our own home laid eggs, on the right and look how different they look.

I can only tell you how happy we are at this next step we have taken in  growing our own food.
And it just keeps getting better and better!

What do I mean?
Oh yes today we got two little virtually new born lambs so be prepared for lots of lamb pictures soon too :)

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Anonymous said...

:-) I love to watch chickens pecking and scratching around. They can be so funny! There's nothing like fresh eggs.


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