Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Mawage is wot bwings us togeder today"

Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday.
Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam..." from The Princess Bride

We love this movie, we quote lines from it all the time, and it has been a standard family joke that Braedon would stand up and quote this if Anna-Lisa was late to the wedding.
I cannot believe it has taken me a week to actually write this post.
It has been a recovery week for all of us here at home. I seriously did not realise how wired up and busy we had been up to the wedding and I underestimated the time to allow us to get back into normality.
I have not even called my dear friend who has left me messages (sorry) but we were only just getting through the day it seemed and we certainly are dealing with some behavioural issues 'post wedding'

Sleep seemed to be a major component of the recovery week as well as just getting through the days activities.
We seem to be coming out the other side and even today started back with our regular learning schedule. Well truth be told a new look at what we are doing and implementing this.

 However you don't want to hear all that do you?
You want to see some pictures I am sure.

So here are a few highlights of the 'big day'
 At the start of the wedding and Braedon and Anna-Lisa together
Exchanging their wedding vows.
Sorry for the lighting in the photos but it was a morning wedding and the light was shining right in across my camera angle.
Signing the marriage certificate.
I can not tell you how fast Braedon was in leading Anna-Lisa our of the Church. In fact it looks like he is virtually dragging her out
A few photos after the wedding.
Poor little Arwen suddenly started sobbing uncontrollably during the wedding when she realised that Braedon was REALLY getting married and it would all be different from now on. Needless to say that finished off her involvement as a flower girl for a while.

Only big brother Kynan was able to help soften the blow, as mummy had to hold little Trahaearn.
 He was able to put her down after a while and get a photo with his girlfriend.
They then went over to the botanical gardens and had some very smart photos taken by the photographer.
These are still my versions though
 I took the little ones back to the reception after a few photos with the others and so couldn't resist this one of the little ones together
 Oh yes trying to get one of us all- mummy and small fry
 I just love the way the looked together
 The little girls flower bouquet

Now we are at the reception and this is the cake I decorated for Braedon and Anna-Lisa.
We certainly had a few last minute hiccups with it including the dug out finger marks from the under 5 age group.
 Now we are  a bit happier as we are waiting for the food.
 A lovely drink of soft drink.......bring on the sugar filled behaviour.
 Speeches..... well Kynan's was short and sweet
 Braedon's seemed a little longer at the time. Frankly though I can't remember what it was about.
Stephen's speech  was lovely- about a time of great hardship for our family but how that actually came to be the way Braedon and Anna-Lisa met.
I just have to show you the hairstyle the bridesmaids wore. Isn't it lovely.
This is Vellvin's dark hair and..........

Eden's lighter coloured hair.
 Cutting of the cake. The top layer is a fruit cake that we brought back home with us and will give to Braedon and Anna when they come home from their honeymoon that they will keep as a baptism cake for their first child.
I still remember doing this for our first born.
 Double toast.
This is at the end of the bridal waltz.
Indeed it was spectacular and they had rehearsed some very fancy moves...........so very typically Braedon that it was this that actually reduced me to tears.
Yes more than the wedding itself, it was this dance of complete love and devotion from them both that I will remember most.

After this the happy couple left to go we know not where and sadly as always the party cam to an end.

However I am certain that this is the start of a most happy and joyous life and we welcome Ann-Lisa more completely into our family as we share in this journey together with them.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Valerie said...

Lovely photos! The girls' bridesmaid hair styles were beautiful. Best wishes to the newlyweds!!!

Sherry said...

Gae....I loved this post! Thank you for opening up and sharing such a beautiful time with us. The photos were wonderful and I enjoyed reading your comments about each one. You have a lovely family and I know you must be awfully proud of them all!
I have added your link to my own blog page over at thehomespunwife.com.
Blessings to you all~

T.Sheld5 said...

Everyone looks so beautiful! Congratulations to Braedon and Anna-Lisa! How exciting to see the Onions family growing!

Erin said...

Awesome, awesome pics!!! Bolting down the aisle brings back memories for me;) ;) Incredible job on the cake. Looking forward to chatting.

Kendra said...

Beautiful! :)

Unknown said...

It all looks very lovely and you did a great job with the cake!

Kelly Casanova said...

"Wuv, twue wuv..."
It all looks so perfect Gae, what a beautiful day for everyone and congratulations on all your preparations. The cake looks fantastic, well done!

Stephanie said...

Gae-the wedding cake looks amazing!!!! My oldest daughter and I just started taking cake decorating classes here last month.

The girls' hair looks amazing as well. Did you make the lovely capes your smallest girls are wearing?

Stephanie said...

Gae-the wedding cake looks amazing!!!! My oldest daughter and I just started taking cake decorating classes here last month.

The girls' hair looks amazing as well. Did you make the lovely capes your smallest girls are wearing?

Gae said...

Thank you all for your lovely wishes and fro enjoying our happiness with us.
Stephanie I would love to take cake decorating classes, how lovely to do that with your daughter too.
No I didn't make the capes. Aren't they just lovely though?

Harmony said...

::Beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Blessings to the newlyweds:) ::


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