Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Warm Bedtime 'fluffies'

With the onset of cooler weather a lot of us have been taking little 'fluffies' to bed with us.
I mentioned how we had made them  and thought to share here with you.
Years ago we made some from  warm and toasty flannel.
The red one above is from that lot and were all made in  a  square shape. The cord one is a long sausage shaped one and is good for wrapping around body parts to relieve pain.
As we seemed to have, um,  misplaced some of these lovely 'fluffies' and I had one of the children say to me one night how cold their feet were going up to  bed I created the....... 'sock fluffy'.

How to do this............
Simply look through your odd sock basket or bag.
Come on I know you have one of these because trolls constantly are stealing socks, and not even  only the left one.
Grab your rice or even some wheat berries if you have them on hand and a scoop to fill up the socks.
Then just start to fill the socks with the amount of rice or wheat you require and tie a rubber band around the end.
Make sure you put dibs on your sock or fluffy before a sweet little person gets there before you.
Place the 'fluffies' in the microwave with a cup half filled with water and turn on for about five minutes.
Then rush up to bed wrap the 'fluffy' around  your tootsies or cuddle it in tight and warm your self up as you drop off to dream land.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Anonymous said...

That is an awesome idea for old socks!


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