Thursday, August 8, 2013

Plans for the Feast Day of Saint Mary MacKillop 2013

Today we celebrate the third feast day of St Mary KacKillop since her Cannonisation in 2010.

When planning for special feast days we always start off with food and our thoughts are running along these lines--
*Damper as this is a true outback food and Penola where Mary spent a lot of her time is definately outback.
*make a cross cake as Mary took the name Mary of the Cross
*Pavlova- just because its sweet and a 'fairdinkum' Aussie desert.
*Pumpkin soup for dinner as this is a simple yet hearty food

For activities we will be using (and have been doing already today-as this is a part way through the day post and not a night before post  like I planned)
*Lapbook - link here
*Curriculam Guide for more ideas
*Colouring pages - we made our own as we couldn;t find any on line
* Reading from these sites: Information site and more information

I will be decorating a candle for dinner and we have a framed image of Mary MacKillop for display too.

Ever generous God,
You inspired Saint Mary MacKillop
To live her life faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and constant in bringing hope and encouragement
to those who were disheartened, lonely or needy.
With confidence in your generous providence
and through the intercession of Saint Mary MacKillop
We ask that you grant our request……………….
We ask that our faith and hope be fired afresh by the Holy Spirit so that we too,
like Mary MacKillop, may live with courage, trust and openness.
Ever generous God hear our prayer.
We ask this through Jesus Christ.

 I hope you all have a most blessed feast day and I will be back to share our day with you soon.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Erin said...

Look, look, look!!

Charlotte has drawn a colouring pic for us:):):)


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