Sunday, September 22, 2013

Impromptu Picnic..........Nature Study

It was a beautiful Spring day and one of those of opportunities not to be missed.
Also we were having one of 'those days' and it seemed like the right thing to do.
So we packed a few items for a picnic lunch added some reading material for all and our Nature Notebooks and set off.
On the way I went to the bakery and bought a couple of loaves of sourdough bread and the lovely lady who nearly always serves us gave each of the  six children I had with me a FREE finger bun.
Of course I couldn't say no to the lovely gesture and they children certainly enjoyed the 'sugar full- wheat full' treat.
We went over to the botanical gardens which has a couple of play areas as well as a mini zoo and the gardens as well.
We found a lovely spot and set our selves up on our blanket.
Obviously the first the the children wanted to do was to eat those buns.......
Yep enjoying all the sugary, sprinkle icing top
Just as they were close to finishing a whole bus load of schoolkids arrived on buses.
You now what this means don't you?
Time to dominate the playground first.
Those swings are the only ones and they are always what our children go for so off they ran to get there first!

The slide is Trahaearn's next favourite thing and once he got off the swings he pretty much did this till we moved on.
The Spring flowers are just beautiful all over.
Then off to the small animal and bird section.
We did take the nature Notebooks with us for this section but only the older children really did any drawing as the younger ones were just interested in running from one exibit to the next

I just love these kissing birds

And back to the other playground for more play time

or reading if you prefer
Then it was time to go home after quite a long day out.

I admit we all had an early night and were quite refreshed by the day.

Blessings to you and your homes,


allisamazing said...

What a lovely place to enjoy with the family and they all look like they are having so much fun!

Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Dear Gae,

What a wonderful day out! There is nothing like a little fresh and enjoying animals to free the spirit for a while.

It's fun watching your spring happen, while our autumn is just coming on.



Ambiance Paintings said...

Those sugar buns looked like just the perfect forbidden fruit for my coffee break :-)

Vellvin said...

It was great fun, Mummy! :)
Love you,


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