Sunday, October 20, 2013

We met at the Party Tree!!

A few weeks ago we celebrated with wonderful outdoor style as we had our very own outdoor lighted area that we used for Bilbo's Birthday.
I know this is a late post but our children love to see what we have done each year and so in our opinion it is still worthy of recording.
It was a day spent doing the activities we had planned the day before.
Some the same, some similar and some new for this celebration.
One essential item is the party Banner which this year was  a joint effort and was going to be placed in between a couple of trees.

Then there was the target for the Archery contest. This had to be the Eye of Sauron  according to Rogan
Braedon and Anna-Lisa dropped by as it was on a Sunday and joined in for a while as well
Sword fighting is a must on most occasions and obviously the Hobbits had to fight against evil
We had a few contestants for the competition
Great looking target I think!!
Anna sitting and watching
Let me just say these two can get a tad competitive.
Hmm he hasn't lost his skill either
Dad had to have a go to
Teaching the little ones to fight
Did I mention that we love to sword fight.
Yea and competitive too
Our little budding Doctor had  to come for first aid for someone
Don't lay down Eden or you will become a horsey and get sat on
Check out Trahaearn coming to join in
and walking away when the fight is over
Some of our outdoor lighting. I so love this area of the yard we have set up
Now it is time!!!
Time for what?
Hobbit feet of course!
This is our tradition each year to draw Hobbit feet on all participants
Vests and cloaks are a trademark of being a Hobbit and pretty much the extent of our dressing up
Some of the lights and the banner waving in the wind
Hobbits Assemble.....
Yea totally cute hobbits
We waited till dark to go to the party tree.
It is so hard to get good photos of how pretty the lights looked
A lantern to light the way
A better attempt at the lights
Our "Bilbo's Birthday Cake" this year
Party food at "the tree"
Happy Birthday Hobbits!!!

See you next year :)

Blessings to you and your homes,


Eva said...

What a wonderful celebration! And congratulations on the newest growing addition! That is marvelous.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love the hobbit feet! What fun!


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