Monday, November 4, 2013

Spring Play Ring

It's inevitable!!
At the start of every season I get a desire to create a theme based craft to reflect the season.
Of course sometimes that is all it is - a desire, and then at other times I actually do manage to make something.

This time I wanted to make a Spring Play Ring like I had seen in the expensive 'educational shops' and due to the fact I have wanted to make one of these for some time I actually had the materials on hand
Not that you need lots of expensive items for this anyway.
First off you need some timber curtain rings. I bought mine in a pack for around $6 for 8 of them at Spotlight.
Next add a little bell to the metal loop, you will need pliers to open the hook and then re close it.
Cut as much ribbon as you like in the desired length you want
Wrap and tie the ribbon on either side of the bell.
I added three to each side in non-matching colours
Give it to a cute little person to run around and play with.
Make sure you make more than one at a time as you will surely have the other children want one too.

I made this in less than 10 minutes while waiting for children to get ready to come in the car.
That's how quickly this craft really is.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Simply Shelley said...

Very pretty....thanks for sharing...enjoyed seeing your previous post as well....your children all look so sweet....blessings

Unknown said...

I have been having my eye on some of these on Etsy and just love them. They look pretty simple to make and I know my toddler would love these! Where do you buy the ring? Hope you are doing well!


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