Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Making a 'Fancy Nancy' Pen

Years ago when we bought our first copy of Fancy Nancy I was able to buy Moran a pen just like Nancy's for her birthday. She loved that pen and used it often. Sadly though it was used up and I have never been able to find another pen like it.

As Arwen was having her Fancy Nancy Party it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps I could make one, duh, of course I should have realised earlier, perhaps it wasn't a priority then though.

I bought a few supplies when I was at Spotlight getting other birthday supplies and then made her a pen on the night before her birthday, very very late in the night hence perhaps the not really pretty pictures.
So the supplies are simple -
a pen (not a click pen but a lid pen)
glue (hot glue gun is good but I couldn't find any sticks for ours so I used some craft glue)
and a peg or two
optional: sticky tape
Choose four feathers and glue them to the top of the pen  (if using glue gun they will stay immediately but craft glue requires a little more help so I sticky taped them as well)
Then choose your ribbon and glue to the tip of the pen just above the metal part. Hold for  a few seconds till firm.
 Then start to wrap the ribbon around the pen until you reach the feathers. You will need to hold it firmly and you may need to attempt it a couple of times to get the smooth result you want.
Excuse my bandaged finger but that was after my operation and I couldn't stick it out of the photo.
Holding it sideways worked best for me.
When you reach the feathers where they are fluffy cut the ribbon with some excess and put glue on the ribbon ready to stick on.
Then press down firmly to hold the ribbon in place.
Place a peg on overnight or for a few hours if making during the day. You can also place one on the other end with the glue if you want to make sure it does not unravel.
I did not and it has been fine every since.
 When you think the glue has set remove the peg and you have a bona fide, 'Fancy Nancy' oh la la pen.

Of course now I have a few extra people wanting me to make them one in time for the new 'school year' and of course I think I just might have to indulge them in this.

Blessings to you and your homes,


FrontierDreams said...

Oh that is so sweet! I love little things like this that bring stories alive for children <3

Schwarzen Family Missions/To Sow a Seed said...

So lovely to "meet" you! I love your creativity!

Sweetness and Light said...

Hi Gae, the Artistic Director at my dd's (17) ballet school is really good friends with the author of Fancy Nancy. They are doing a 2nd year run of shows for Tea for Ruby again this year. It's so fun, even for big girls :) Loving all your girly posts of late!


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