Sunday, January 19, 2014

Menu for the week

Each Week I make a menu plan for us.
I have found this is good for us as  the amount of money we spending on food is quite significant and this way I am able to keep more in line with our budget.
In fact if we don't have this menu I tend to spend more time shopping for odds and ends as we don't have a plan and  in fact we don't eat as well for the week either.

We don't often have sweets after dinner and our snacks for the younger children (they are the ones who usually ask) is a piece of fruit, sultanas and nuts or a chocolate milk kefir drink.

So this is the menu we had for last week:
Soaked Oats
Fried Chicken, soaked rice and steamed vegetables

Steel Cut Overmight Oats
Mixed Salad
Corned Meat, mashed potato and steamed vegetables

Soaked Buttermilk Pancakes
Fruit Salad
Rissoles, baked Potatoes and steamed vegetables

Soaked Oats
Chocolate Banana Yogurt Smoothies
Home cooked Potato Chips

Bacon and Eggs
Yogurt and fruit
Beef Crock-pot Soup

French Toast with sourdough bread
Rissoles and Salad

Overnight Cold Oats
Ham and Salad
Potato Pie

Blessings to you and your homes,


Kim said...

I've been menu planning like this for years - even now that only my husband and I are at home. You're right - you do spend more on odds and ends if planning isn't done for weekly shopping, meals are more nutritious too. We usually have the same rotation of weekly meals, mixing it up sometimes with a new recipe. Thanks for sharing your plan. I enjoy reading about how devoted mothers bless their families.
God bless,

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I'm trying to get back to menu planning, too. My husband has just announced that he will be spending two evenings a week working on his business venture. He'll be home for a quick supper and then off to the church to bake.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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