Monday, February 10, 2014

Learning in our Home this Week

We have started our new year of learning Adventure this week and I would like to share a bit of a picture narrative of our first week back at 'official' learning this year.
The end of the week found us very happy with how it had gone and I really have to say that having ALL the pages photocopied and printed for ALL your students for the week really does keep things moving smoothly. Additional smoothness would be if I also had my crafts and liturgical activities as well organised, which I do have for the coming week.

A picture of our younger students with little Arwen having her first official day at Learning at Home.
 'Daily Grid' is set up along with the resources we will be using mostly  and a school bag at the side.
We have reintroduced 'circle time' to our daily routine  this year and the younger ones are loving it.
We use quite a few resources and it is a more intense time of learning too.
 I have also set up 'learning stations' around the table for Arwen and Trahaearn for when I am busy with the older children. This has worked very effectively this week in giving them a controlled but interesting environment to focus their energy around.
This has always worked int he past for us and when I use it I always wonder why I stopped doing it!
It really must be the fact I have to be organised and thinking ahead all the time. Something I am committed to doing this year.
 Playing with the magnet Peter Rabbit set. Again an oldie but a goodie!
I am doing small Nature and Science projects with the children each week or fortnight and last week our first Science one was about bees. We will continue to do this one tomorrow as well. MY very simple lesson plans are here on my Learning Blog
 These two photos are from our Kangaroo study (nature) with plans again here
I am also only trying to use resources we have at home, not even a library trip if I can help it and any on-line resources as well.
 Lunch time Read aloud as we eat our lunch that we sit down for together.
The learning station for one day. Play doh is always such a huge success and I love this recipe we use all the time now
 A little space for Arwen on her first day.
I bought this roll of very cool blackboard paper that you can stick on to surfaces or just sticky tape it to a surface you don't want to leave it on permanently.
Very popular with everyone, even older kids!
Sour dough bread and butter as part of our lunch one day.
Rogan is our lunch preparing person and does a really good job.
 Corbyn is using some of our ABC resources and I love doing the chalk drawing for it, even if I am not very good at it.
 Our History study is based on Josefina
 I still encourage outdoor play but especially when it is not too hot.
 Picture book reading for the younger two and we read these ones pretty much daily.
The end of a long but successful week saw the young ones engaging in dressing up and play acting.
Tea time ended our week with a feeling of success.

I haven't shown all we did but just a little sample of how we life our education lifestyle.

I am hoping still to get all our plans written up here for future reference.

Blessings to you and your homes,


kee said...

Hi Gae!
Thank you for this post. I would love to homeschool my children, but always wonder how other Mums go about it. You and your lovely family are an inspiration in so many ways. God bless you.
PS Is there a TIm-Tam on that plate? Brings back some yummy memories of my time in Australia ;0)

Vellvin said...

It was a great week, Mummy, and so productive as well! :)
I was very happy to see how well it was going, oh and by the way, you're awesome, just thought I'd point that out, though there was no doubt in the first place. :)
Love you, <3


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