Friday, February 28, 2014

Over the last few weeks..............

As we have been settling back into a structured learning routine over this month we have enjoyed a lot of activities as we go along in our journey.
There has been much happening and I am finding that to keep the routine happening I need to keep on top of everything.
Each week I am trying to select a  few chosen picture books to read to our little ones.
This is the latest selection.
Going through a painting phase again.
I actually love it when they get out the paints.
Of course when one of the 'painters' gets going we tend to have others join in the exhibition too.
As the weather gets a little less hot it is lovely to see the children starting to play outside more.
Like this little "Fancy Nancy" episode while playing the Princess game they made up
It is interesting to see the older - little girls having Arwen join in now too.
Couldn't resist this one the combination of Batman costume and Captain Rex helmet.
Like you do!!
I have discovered that I actually like Chai tea.
Then I thought perhaps I would like Chai Latte, so Autumn made one for me and guess what?
 I loved it!!
Little brother brushing Vellvin's hair yes too sweet.
Our one and only lot of grapes from the Grape vine on the fence.
Myffy found them and took the photo above then asked if she could pick them.
The Best Ever Carrot Cake- yep that did not last very long
Berry and yogurt smoothies are hitting the spot for breakfast.
Sandpit play again. Now the cooler weather and the huge meat ants are not so active in the sand pit.
This is my sign it says..............
Tyre Swing play
Obviously like I said outdoor play.
Do you want to buy a cup cake from my cake shop?
Cutting out cause he is a big boy!
Dressing up as the 'Once-ler from The Lorax
Our lunch Time reading  is going well. We are nearly finished this one book and look forward to starting another.
The children were very excited to find a rabbit hole near where they play but I don't think they have found a rabbit yet.
Singing 'Mary had a little Lamb' while dragging around her fluffy Unicorn
Starting to build a  Volcano  that we studied over two weeks for Science. Any excuse to make a volcano right!!

We often have volcanoes though, even so this was just another fun exercise for them.
We had Corbyn back in hospital this month in the expectations that he was having his Titanium Nails removed after his broken femur last year.
He fasted all day and it looked like he would not have his surgery this month either. Thankfully he was operated on that afternoon.
He was not really happy when he woke up form surgery. I think he remembered too much from last time and it was very heart wrenching for me to watch him fight the anesthetic to put him under.
Looks just like last time really  but now he has no pins.
The recovery time was  a lot longer than we were told originally and the pain far more intense for him.
But you do get some rewards like playing games on I-phones and I-pods that are pretty much a very very special occasion thing.
These two cuties wanted to go to bed sharing and spent the night looking after each other.
Eden painted this for me just before Christmas and I just love it. It is on a tiny canvas maybe 5cm square
Putting animals in my apron pocket cause they just happened to be there.
Building a city in the sand again, and again.
More outside play and dressing up
Bikes and bike riding has started again now that it is cooler.

Really our days are full, but full of little bits and pieces that make up the wider fabric of our lives.
These are the days I treasure and enjoy.
Indeed I am blessed and honoured to share these days with those I love the most!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Erin said...

Loved having the update on Corbyn though wincing in sympathy

Vellvin said...

These are indeed the best days! :)

Kelly Casanova said...

What a beautiful hive of activity! I really feel for Corbyn, hopefully it will all soon be a faded memory.

Kelly Casanova said...

What a beautiful hive of activity! I really feel for Corbyn, hopefully it will all soon be a faded memory.


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