Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St Patrick Day Celebrations 2014

St Patrick's Feast Day.....Hurrah!!!
What did we do to celebrate?
Well the first thing Moran did was to look for some clover as we have done in the past. Except it is much harder to find clover here than in our Tasmania house. Poor Moran looked all over with no success until we told her there was a small patch just outside the chicken coop.
 We decorated the house with some of out already made decorations from past years. We made nothing new this year.
 Colouring pages are a big hit in our house every feast day.
 Followed closely by word searches, mazes and crossword puzzles.
As the children work I read from our selection of picture books
 We had already read one of our St Patrick books at breakfast (so it is not pictured)
 Jamie O'Rourke is a huge favourite not only on St Patrick's Day but through out the year. Of course the Darby O'Gill books are fun for older readers but we could not watch the movie as Autumn had taken it to Sydney with her.
Moran was very patriotic and dressed her dolls in a semi green outfit each and then covered them with the clover she had picked.
Lunch was a traditional clover leaf sandwich using both cucumber and gherkin and the Irish flag using celery, cheese and carrot.
Moving on to dinner we  decorated the table and had
Corned Beef,mashed potato, cabbage and then a mixture of green, white and orange vegetables
Rogan made Irish Soda bread which we love and we had some left over for breakfast the next day.
Doesn't it look good!!!!
After dinner when everyone else went to bed and it was just me and my cup of coffee I decided it was time for a little Baileys Irish Cream and a browse through a good book.

Not too shabby an end to a very busy feast Day
Happy St Patrick's Day to You!!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


evensong's januarylily said...

Beautiful day for the family! We had a simple day with my daughter and her children over. Micheal (almost 2)and the twins Dominic and Gregory (4 months) Corned beef, potatoes, carrots, cabbage with cheese sauce and A cake for St. Patrick. Gae, Lovely side board/china cabinet in the dining room! And I hope that beautiful sunset is a view you get to look at every day!

Unknown said...

Have no wordssssssss...
Too beautiful is everything!!!
Love the rainbows a lot!!!
Have a blessed evening!
Liuba x

Sugar Pie said...

Looks like you had a lovely St. Patricks Day with your family, you found some really lovely colouring pages, our kids all love colouring the saint day pictures too.
And what a lovely way to finish your day :) I have the same book & love reading through it often.

May God Bless you & yours :)

Gae said...

Thank you all for your comments. We really love celebrating this and I actually think we had a stress free day which is very good for us on a feast day as I often want to do too much

I love the book too Sugar Pie as it is Australian for a start but I love to pick it up and reads part at a time

Bernice Zieba said...

What lovely ideas! We too have been celebrating St. Patrick's Day in our own way...

Anonymous said...

I love your mug! And I do love some Irish Cream on Saint Patricks day too. :)


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