Monday, March 10, 2014

Tyding up our leaning Space......

When we started our lessons this year I did a tidy up of our learning room.
This room is where we do most of our 'seat work'  with Vellvin, Rogan, Moran , Myffwyn and Corbyn each day.

Over the Summer break it was neglected quite a bit, read very messy and it still needed tidying up from last year's work as well.
I like to keep some of our basic requirements for writing and drawing in this room as well the books I am using as resource books for the little ones.
The older children have their resource books in the Study Room where we keep the computers.
Our puzzles are in this cupboard and they have been used again but I have a whole basket full of bits and pieces of  puzzles that I need to get a group together and have a 'puzzle night' to get them back where they belong.
Cutting and tracing as well as supplies for paper crafts are on the top of this cupboard.
This is my little corner of the world where I have my laptop and my Liturgical Folders. It is interesting to see how I had my area set up in our house in Tasmania
The bookcases  near my desk contain a lot of my 'mother books' and favourite craft and learning styles books so I can pick and choose what might interest me at any given time.
We have some of our bookcases in this room that contain a variety of books some learning materials are all in this book case.
A mixture of early readers, science, classics, odd picture books, history and
Our original kitchen table that we bought 21 years ago which has been outgrown for many years is our standard learning room table and has the marks, scars and texta marks on it.
One day I guess I will take the time to sand the top again and have a beautiful surface to work on but for now it is very serviceable.

The children have their own personal books and notebooks in the bags that are hanging over the chairs.
Some of our favourite books are in this bookcase, Bethlehem Books. I think we need to get some new ones as it has been some years since we bought new ones.
A view from the kitchen door.
This room has three entrances in to it so there is limited area to use as a corner space.
You can see that we need a walkway  through this room to allow access to the rooms either end, which makes it a little tight when everyone is sitting at the table.

However we have been using this space now for about six weeks now and it still is working for us.

The other fun, tiring project I did at the same time was to clean up and tidy all our board games. That was a fun one let me tell you. I hope to show you our family's games both popular and ones that are more occasional soon.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Cheryl said...


You have a very nice learning space! Looks so organized, especially with all the wonderful books you have! What a great learning environment for your kids.


Sweetness and Light said...

It looks great Gae, very inviting and warm. I love the big window out to the patio, so much light! Thanks for sharing your beautiful space :)

Gae said...

Thank you both Cheryl and Meredith
It is lovely looking at the learning areas together
God Bless


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