Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Little Girl Tea Party ♥

Last week our sweet little Arwen attended her very first ever away form home Tea Party!!
She had received her invitation the week before and had been counting down the days until I took her to the party.
Of course no one else from our family was invited cause it was just for little girls, so this made it even more special for her although she did have 'pre party anxiety' which is something I am discovering this precious little one has.
 I must say how impressed I was with this little afternoon for the girls as I have never had an outside the home experience either.
Arwen's little friends have big sisters too and they were part of the organising as well as my friend Shell.
When we arrived one of the older girls settled them down with a book and they read stories together for a while.
It was adorable to see, six little girls ages 7 down to nearly 5 so excited by their 'afternoon tea'.
The table was being prepared and Mabel had made each of the little girls a giant letter of their name.
The little girls had Cambric Tea (with out the tea I think and a spot of honey) while their Teddies who had accompanied them had a special tea cup with water in so they would feel welcome too.
The request to dress up in their  best clothes was attended to and Eden fixed up Arwen's hair in a braid which is very fancy, don't you agree?
Arwen's companion of choice was Felix who was named after this family favourite book: Letters from Felix, a book we have had for at least 16 years.
The little girls had such fun eating the special food drinking from their tea cups all the while in an atmosphere of beautiful  aroma from the many scented candles around the room while the festive bunting was so pretty too.
 The giant cookie was such a personal gift  for each girl and I think they really enjoyed that.
After the tea part eh little girls were given a craft to do.
A little embroidery for each girl that they could have as a special hanging for their doors.
 The girls could choose the colour they wanted to embroider with and the shape was pre-drawn on the reverse of the ada. Each girl was very patient while waiting and chose her colour carefully.
Mum's or bigger sisters were able to help.
 It was delightful to see how much the girls concentrated on  the project at hand and the project was just the right amount of time before little ones got bored with it.
My friend Shell helping Abby who is one of Arwen's special little friends and a hostess of the 'Tea Party Afternoon'. It is so special when Mum's and their children are good friends I think :)
Arwen's  other friend and co hostess Lilly was the oldest of the little girls and was a very adept hostess too.
Naturally after the other girls had gone home Mummy and Arwen stayed later to play and chat because everyone know that Mummies always take at least another hour .....or so...... to say goodbye.

I think that Arwen had a very lovely time at her first 'all girl tea party' and I certainly enjoyed the Mummy time.

Thank you to all the girls who prepared and shared the tea party with Arwen.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Erin said...

What a beautiful time:) and Arwen would have felt soo special:)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful afternoon. We are planning a tea party for the family here this week!

Simply Shelley said...

Nothing like little girls an their tea parties...big girls and tea parties too :) Blessings

Gae said...

Tea parties are the best anytime I agree Shelley.

I hope your enjoy your tea time Amy with the family. These are the kind we often do.

Indeed she felt special Erin, you know how much we love this sort of thing


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