Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hello there!!

The days pass and our life keeps moving.
There are twists and turns that we don't expect but that life of ours keeps moving ever forward and what we are able to accomplish varies.
So again I find that the season of my life at the moment means that I just don't get here as often as I like.
I still have many partial completed posts of what we are doing in our lives. I have been making lots of the home made health and beauty recipes. Some for the colds we have had others to use as hair and body cleaning products, which I would love to share but just don't get around to doing
 I have been spending as much time as I can helping our emerging readers and spending time being there for them,
Stephen and I have spent some time working out how we can spend more time with each other and then individually with each of our children each month.
We felt that as our children get older and tend to spend m ore time away form our home it actually is harder to spend quality time with each child.

Hence we have re-instituted family board game night, each week, that is preceded by a family meeting at least once a month and more if needed.

Since starting this we have had quite a few small outings out both of us with several of the older children.
One of the ways that I spend time with the little ones is at bedtime.
Even though our bed time routine is not what it has been in the past or as I would like it to be still, I do spend time with our little ones getting to sleep.
These two especially often get cuddled to sleep and we listen to 'sleepy music' or The Rosary on my phone as they nod off into dream land.
Of course there are nights I drift off too :)
Like I said I have been making our home made products for out health and I do still share bits and pieces on my Instagram. It is very easy to post just a pic with a few words. Sometimes that  means writing a blog post about things seems so much harder.
I mean writing a WHOLE post can take more time and so we have a cycle of non posting too.
 Vellvin and I are also trying to eat more Trim Healthy Mama and have been discovering many interesting and exciting foods.
It certainly has made me feel as if I am missing out on favourite foods and we have fond so many that we absolutely love. For example the baked custard above is soooooo delish!!

With the warmer weather we have been  spending time out side again.
Lots of water play again and I have never know a child that did not want to wash their own bike.
Really I think it is just an excuse for  getting wet, Seriously though I don't really mind that. I so enjoy the children playing outside and anything that encourages that I am am all for.
We also went through a stage of making tents for picnics and play and these are just a couple of version that the children came up with.
We have had a Confirmation and a First Holy Communion which required preparation for four of our children as well as two white dresses to be made for Moran and Myffwyn.

Life is busy, life is a challenge, life is a Blessing and like everyone else we prioritise for those things that are most important. Therefore I am thankful to be sharing it with those most special people in my life- my family!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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