Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Special Tea Time Party ☺

I really don't remember when we started having Tea Parties but they are such a regular and important part of our lives.
It seems we don't need much of an excuse to have one in our home, at any hour or day.
AS I write this up we had a mini one last night and Vellvin and Rogan are having another one now ☺
However it has been a long time since we have had one with our lovely Bernadette, our very own Mary Poppins.
Really we have not had one with her since we moved here from Tasmania, and so we truly loved having a special one again.
We were so delighted to have Bernadette visit for a few days and we loved catching up on all the things we used to delight in doing together.
Bernadette would often bring over little bits and pieces of craft and we would, well I would attempt to, do them together ( our small children loved the visits too).
While she was here we started a  new project she brought with her and we were inspired to get back into the crafting we used to do more of.
We knew from the start we needed to fit in a tea party while Bernadette was here and we planned this ahead of time, especially as Bernadette is gluten free!
So we found recipes that would suit both her and our THM lifestyle.

Rogan made a beautiful Strawberry Cornflour Sponge Cake. It was his first attempt at this cake and look how beautifully it turned out!
Vellvin made her famous Baked Lemon Cheesecake. It is both Gluten free and THM friendly.
Vellvin and Arwen made the Chocolate Cupcakes with Peppermint Icing. These again are sugar free, Gluten Free and THM. We have used these in our Feast Days celebrations and the children love them.
We wanted to try a Caramel Slice that if not THM was at least Gluten Free.
So Rogan tried this Salted Paleo Caramel Slice. It was not well received by all. Some liked it but others did not.
Naturally we had our tea cups for this Tea Party and Bernadette has her own tea cup that we keep at our home with ours in the china cabinet for when she does visit.
This has been our tradition since our first Tea Party with her ☺

I was very blessed to be given that lovely High Tea Plate that the cup cakes and caramel slice are sitting on as a birthday gift from her, just in time for the Tea Party. I have long coveted one and the children could not find one for me for Mothers day even though they looked everywhere.
So of course Bernadette in her magical guise of ' Mary Poppins' was able to find a truly beautiful one for me.

Tea Parties are such a wonderful way to show special love and attention and this one was especially special with the visit of our very own Bernadette.

Blessings to you and your homes,
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Such a special and lovely time to share!


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