Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Weaving the Tapestry

Our Dexter Heifer
I can't remember why this has become so hard.
Perhaps life has created too many blocked ways for me to return here.
Perhaps my time for this blog has ended here but I can't let it go in my heart.

So many treasured events have been recorded here.
Certainly not all and certainly not for a long time.

But I still remember the children waiting for their birthday post and wanting to see what I would write  this year, and the cherished feast days and family celebrations. The everyday activities that mattered to us and that we had shared them together.
It all started with a desire to share our family life and to have a record of that life for myself and our family.
Gifts of love 
Then  I think it changed, without me even noticing -  I got sucked into the world of comparison and what would make my little world of cyber space more attractive to others and have them visit here.
I do think the world of blogging changed as well, the family type blogs had become a thing of the past and the more slick and fancy, information, how to type blogs became the way of the future and I felt inadequate in comparison. Blogging had changed- it wasn't personal anymore with visits back and forth leaving comments here and there, like a conversation. It was more just read and move on to another blog an,d move on again without that personal exchange, and I had not been able to keep up with those changes and so like my personality I turned inward and stopped enjoying and sharing what was close to my heart.

I still feel joy when I look at this blog and the memories shared, but I can't seem to think of anything to write. The joy and the desire are still here but the content seems to be lacking.

So in a bid to reopen dialogue  I would like to share some recent events that have happened in our lives.
Boring and everyday events but this is what make up the fabric of our live.  This is what weaves our family tapestry and it brings joy and contentment. It is what I cherish and that is what my blog was all about CHERISHED HEARTS AT HOME!!
Lenten Preparation
Its time for me to take a deep breath and remember my blog title and live it :)
So here a few of  our recent happenings in pictures-
Our first Jersey Cow- a long awaited dream come true
Making my soap for our Home business
Saxon has entered Vianney College as a Seminarian
Crazy brothers
St Patrick's display this year
Grand dumpling and one of the new puppies
More Grand Dumplings come for a visit at "Mama;s House"
First reader finished with real progress
Blessings to you and your homes, 


isaacbenjamin said...

Great Post Gae. That was a very deep bit about how blogging has changed. I also have let my blog go dormant lately. Good to see your grass is green this time of year. As always, your soap looks good enough to eat, more like cake than soap. Perhaps I'm just hungry. I'm glad Saxon is in the seminary, he will make an awesome priest. I miss you guys sometimes.

Erin said...

So excited to read a post and catch up a little :-)
I've missed your blogging too

Emma said...

Thank you for posting as I have missed you all so very much! I have the same St. Patrick picture but mine is one that was found years ago in a book that someone cut from a card. - Danielle, Putnam, CT, U.S.

Carol said...

I too have really missed your blog Gae,pls do not concern yourself with others you and your family are unique in a wonderful way and God truly blesses you so please keep on keeping on. i never usually comment although i have popped in here regularly to see how you all are, like neighbours really..My best wished for Saxon such a surprise but a wonderful one God Bless all of you
Carol from Sydney

evensong's januarylily said...

I even forgot how to g et to the blogger dashboard!! You are right it is different. I notice lots of private pages on face book replacing blogs as well. Homey, plain and simple is truly best. I always loved your blog. I started blogging and quit. You are right, much has changed. Be blessed!

Shani said...

I, too, have missed the family blogs of old. I began blogging about 14 years ago, and like you, dropped off. I've been sprucing my blog up and dusting it off, however, and intend to restart it this week. In talking to old blog friends lately, I have learned I'm not the only one missing the "old, original style" of blogging. So take heart! You are not alone.
Shani x


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