Monday, March 16, 2009

Days of the Week

How do you remember the days of the week? Do you have activities in the home that signify certain days? Do you have activities outside the home that keep you constantly reminded of the correct day of the week?
I can never remember what day of the week it is and am constantly asking either the day of the week or the date. I have also been known to take at least 3 months to remember the correct year and not be still writing the past year on notes etc.
Well, if you are an 12 year old boy and you have a cool collection of Hot Wheels cars, the way you can remember which day of the week it is, is to line 7 of those cars up on the top of the bookcase beside your bed. Each car represents a day of the week. At the start of each day he changes "the day of the week car", moving the one at the front to the end of the line.
What happens you may ask, when your 2 year old brother comes into your (and his) room and collects your "day of the week" cars and takes them to play with, as well as his own Hot Wheels cars. Well after complaining to the head honcho ie, Mum, you distract said 2 year old collect your cars and place them back in their rightful place as "days of the week" cars.

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