Thursday, March 12, 2009

Home Made

For Christmas each year, each of our children make presents for each other. Depending on age of the child the skill level increases also. This year we had many well made gifts.
We had Rangers cloaks, embroidered and framed pictures, wooden and felt finger puppets, cookies, original written and illustrated stories, posters, capes wands and crowns for small people and stuffed animals also.

But the biggest project undertaken was the billy carts. Not for our family just one little billy cart we have to have two large ones. This was the 2 older boys joint present to the whole family. They made the entire project from scratch using scrap wood and some bought wheels and metal rod.

Stephen helped with the design on the final stages but the boys created the whole thing.
These billy carts have been a constant delight to all the children and the grown ups as well.We have a fairly steep gravel drive from the house down to the gate. Many team and individual races have been run since Christmas. Of course the older boys have experimented with going down the hill back ward as well as over another very steep and short hill both forward and backward with quite a few interesting results.

We have had many crashes , bruises and grazes but ,what memories they created together.

Hopefully they will look back as they grow older and say "remember the year we built the billy carts" and they will realise they built so much more.

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