Monday, March 30, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook March 30

A Simple Woman's Daybook
March 30
Welcome to my Simple Woman's Daybook for this week:

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Outside My Window ...
Night noises. Clear sky moon shining, soft breeze blowing. Dog Barking

I am listening to...
Big Boys working to fix the stove and playing their music on the I-Pod dock. Little baby next to me making chirping noises. Older girl talking to me as I type.

I am thinking...
That I really need to get back into an early morning routine and part of this includes some exercise, as well as earlier nights. I am the type of person that never loses weight by dieting but ONLY by exercise. But do I have the will power at the moment??

To Live the Liturgy...
Rosary Daily. Lenten sacrifices. Try to get the Divine Mercy habit going again as well as the Angelus.

To Breathe Deeply...
Just enjoy my Home, Husband and children. Look for all their good qualities and parise them for them.

Towards rhythm and beauty ...
To maintain the tidy rooms we made today as I really don't cope well in disorganisation and mess.

I am thankful for ...
Older children who are a great help while Daddy is away, and that they are great companions too. Also for little ones to keep me happy. Having little ones makes me happy.
And a precious little baby to snuggle and love.
The Extended-care midwife who has been a continual help in the sorting out of baby Arwens feeding problems, even though this still isn't fixed yet.

From the kitchen ...
Nothing as the fire bricks in our wood burning stove have broken and my two big boys are replacing them right now. It takes at least 24 hours for the special mortar to dry. We also heat our hot water with the stove and so have had to turn on the electric hot water which costs a bomb.

I am wearing ...
Pajamas and slippers as it is night time here.

I am creating ...
Easter items for Easter Baskets and the Easter table as children wake up on Easter morning. I have created some things but won't say as the children read this blog.

On my iPod...
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring as I express throughout the day.

Towards a real education ...
Read Lent and Easter books. Make an Easter Egg tree together. The children are writing and illustrating their own Easter or Lent book. It is interesting how different they are. Rogan is so enjoying it he is writing the 3rd book in his series of books.
Continuing on with the Pirate Unit Study we are doing. Especially making a treasure map with clues.
Maths and English.

Bringing beauty to my home ...
Encouraging a servant attitude by all, including myself.
Soft, loving and patient voices and actions.
Bedtime routines with the young ones.

I am reading ...
For Lent for me--What happens When women Pray. I am just starting this and have read it many years ago.
And for relaxation Rangers Apprentice: Eric's Ransom and China Bayles' Book of Days
For the children:
Various books from Lenten Basket and lots of Star Wars Chapter books STILL.

I am hoping ...
WE can SELL our house before Easter and be reunited as a family once more.

Around the house ...
Organising my folders -again. this is continual as I get things in and out for seasons, Liturgical seasons, ideas for birthdays.

One of my favorite things ...
Walking along a beach in winter all rugged up with a strong wind blowing and grey cloudy sky. I love the wild feel to it.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
I am taking Arwen for her immunisations tomorrow as well as contacting the Osteopath and the Extended care Midwife.
Have Arwen weighed on Wednesday to see how here weight gain is.
I really need to make a weekly menu and use it.
I also need to plan for Corbyn's 3rd Birthday which is on Holy Saturday as well as buy the Easter eggs and other Easter goodies.
Make plans for Arwens Baptism which has been complicated to get organised.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

We are blessed to have such hard working and talented boys.
They are best mates and between the two of them can handle anything.
Thank you boys we appreciate all you do.

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