Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reading to Siblings

It is always lovely to see older children reading to the younger ones.
I think it gives them a sense of accomplishment when they too can read to someone else.
I have had a lot of difficulty getting Rogan to read. Not because he couldn't but because he wouldn't. For a long time he would disappear when we were doing lessons. He would prefer to be outside and I would let him go as he learned so much by being outside.
He is a very enthusiastic nature and animal lover. At this stage he would love to work in a zoo with the animals.

This year I have noticed that he really can read more than he lets on, he just hasn't developed that 'I love to read' stage yet. So I have been really pleased when he has asked to read to Corbyn or the little girls. He has really enjoyed this and the three younger than him sit very still and attentively while he does so.

Needless to say imitation is how the little ones learn so here a couple of pictures of Corbyn reading to "his baby" and our little Arwen.

What a blessings siblings are for each other.


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