Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moran's Birthday in pictures

What a very excited 7 year old. She woke up with the sparrows luckily we had some other early risers to help entertain her untill tired Mummy and Daddy got out of bed.
We had had a late night as both Daddy and Mama and Papa had come home on the plane the night before so there was plenty to talk about as well as to organise for Miss 7.
However she had a very happy birthday made more special by the visitors being her.
Plenty of fish and chips ,party bags (again? well it is Birthday season you know),presents and Wombat cake as well.
Flower crown.
Table and room all set.
Birthday bag is full.
Seasons table is decorated and looks very girly including pretty silks behind.

Throne awaits the princess.
Onto the presents. She was actually quite self conscious opening them with everyone watching.

Wombat cake.
Ready to blow out the candles.

Bithday ring is lit as well.

Blowing out the candles. Go Moran.
Happy Birthday princess we all love you so much.


Gloria said...

what a cute crown! Did you make it? I'll just have to do something like that for my soon to be 7yo princess. And that cake is so cool!

Gae said...

Yes Gloria,
I make a simple crown for each childs birthday. I once asked if I could make them one elaborate crown of their own that we could reuse every year. That wasn't a popular idea.
I bought some little chiffon flowers and just glue gunned them on. The flowers I bought at what we call Chicken Feed -- the cheap $2 shop.
The cake was one of the easiest ones I have ever made. Not like the one I have to do for this coming Monday.

Erin said...

I'm showing these photos to Princess as she wants to do these traditions now.


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