Monday, May 18, 2009

A Simple Womans Daybook-- Special Days

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Welcome to my Simple Woman's Daybook for this week: 18th May

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Outside My Window ...
Clear and cold, winter night.

I am listening to...
Getting ready for bed from big kids and sleeping children.

I am thinking.....
How lovely it is to have Special friends visit and be a part of our lives.

To Live the Liturgy...
Ascension day on Thursday
Arwen's Baptism on Sunday

To Breathe Deeply...
Hold onto the hope and faith that God is in control and all things that happen are for our good.

Towards rhythm and beauty ...
Enjoy the time given to us to spend with Erin and her sweet "little man" as Myffwyn calls him.
Focus on the beauty that is evident in the smiling faces of our children.
The joy that we will have sharing Arwen's baptism with Stephen's parents, her God parents(thank you so much David and Erin)and our children.

I am thankful for ...
David and Erin's sacrifice so that Erin could come and represent them both as God parents.
That they think so much of this sacred responsibility to come this far.
That David's Mother could be available to look after their children so Erin can come.
That Mama and Papa are coming to visit and will be here for Arwen's Baptism and Moran and Myffwyn's birthdays. We do love to share these times with them.
That we are Blessed to have this special child to Baptise.

From the kitchen ...
Home Made Pizza and Apricot bran loaf.

I am wearing ...
PJ's, dressing gown and slippers.
Day's end makeup and a pony tail.

I am creating ...
Baptism cake decorations.
A Scarecrow for seasonal display.
Needle felted Mary for our bookcase display.
Cross stitch for Arwen.

On my iPod...
Praying the Rosary with St Therese of Lisieux

Towards a real education ...
Ascension Day plans
Craft stuff with Erin
Continue Moran with her reading lessons following Christopherus 1st Grade as a spine and other activities( I hope to do a Post on this).
Continue Confirmation preparation with Saxon and Eden.
Reading with Rogan.
Work on the Pirate study so we can finish this and move on to our other unit studies.
Read aloud with the children our chapter books.
Assigned reading again using the 5 groups: 1.Saint, 2.G.A. Henty, 3.Classic, 4.Nature or Science 5. Free choice 6. Unit Study book reading.

Bringing beauty to my home ...
Making sure we are spending time outside enjoying nature.
Encouraging a servant attitude by all, including myself.
Soft, loving and patient voices and actions.
Bedtime routines with the young ones.

I am reading ...
You are your childs first teacher and about to start Mommy, Teach Me

I am hoping ...
and praying about our situation.
We can achieve all we can to make Erin's stay pleasant while having birthdays and pick ups at the Airport.

Around the house ...
Just being here and doing celebration things.


One of my favorite things ...
Rose scented soap.


A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
Ascension Day plans.
Pick up Stephen and his Parents on Thursday for the Airport.
Moran's birthday on Friday
Arwen's Baptism on Sunday
Make cakes , do party bags crown's etc
Plan Baptism meal for Sunday
A picture thought I am sharing...
Vellvin riding pony, "Tally ho".


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