Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Myffwyn's Birthday in Pictures

This was one very excited Birthday girl.
She took a bit of convincing to get to bed the night before and had been counting down her birthday for some time.
The two little girls in their brand new birthday dresses from Mama and Papa. Don't they look adorable.
Part of the star path that comes from the birthday persons bed down to the seasons table.
A beautiful birthday crown.

The crown in the birthday ring ready for the birthday girl.
The table is set, the banner is up the throne in place--yes the room is ready.
The seasons table now holds the birthday celebration things.
Eden put up the banners for Myffwyn and hung them in a new way, better than I have done before. I think we will keep them like this from now on. Thank you Eden.
Birthday celebration set up.

The birthday bag is full and a very patient girl is waiting to get to the good part.
Happy Birthday Myffy.
This was so cute, she was hiding the present as she unwrapped it so she would be the first to see and then she would hold it up to show us.
She was so excited with all the home made cards everyone gave her.

Money is always a good gift.
The birthday presents all on show. She did very well for herself.

One of the presents. A pram for her dollies. Braedon put it together for her.
A bucket full of party bags.
The contents of a party bag on the brown paper bags we use. We just write every ones name on it and decorate the front for each person. simple and fun to do.
Preparing the icing petals for the Sunflower cake.
Autumn helped me a lot with this one as I was deployed else where doing other things.
She really was a big help getting the cake ready. In fact she did the majority of it herself. I must confess having such as good helper is lovely but, I am a little sad that it shows how much all the children are growing. I guess that is what birthdays are all about isn't it?
The finished Sunflower cake. I did make one for Autumn's 14th birthday (without her help.)
The birthday menu on the Menu Board. we write up each days Dinner menu. I like the way it looks.
Cake and Candles time.

She really got into the swing of things. Even climbing on the table to blow out the candles on he birthday ring.

What a great day she had and even went to sleep pretty well.
I do so love celebrating these special days together, building up the memories for future years.
Enjoying the Journey together.


Cindy said...

Looks like she had a good time. Your decorations look wonderful, too. The crown is a nice touch.

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Myffwyn:) from all of us:)


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